Attendee Comments – December ’00 – Phoenix

“This is the first workshop I’ve attended that the trainer wasn’t simply an “I man.” I like the idea of touching on emotions and personal values (I.E., family attention) during the day and not just grilling fundamentals the whole time. Thanks Michael! See ya in one year!”
Skip Beeswy, Sales Manager – Coury Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“I learned far more than how to sell cars. You reminded me how to be a better person, which seems far more important. Thank you for a great and possibly pivotal day.”
Michael Cook, Sales Consultant – Big Two Toyota/Oldsmobile

“Truly an integration of advanced principles and techniques for the automotive professional. Michael Hargrove lays out the concepts in an enlightening way with earnest effort and interest. The hearts of champions will applaud his material. The aspiring champion will be better! Everyone will benefit.”
Mark Pace, Fleet/Internet Manager – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“I planned to just come to make more money. I’m sure if I apply (these skills), this could change some things I don’t like about myself and my personal life! Thanks!”
James Haas, Sales/Leasing – Berge Mazda/VW

“I not only learned some new things after 8 « years in the car business but the speaker, Michael, was very sincere and real, and that’s refreshing. Thanks.”
Troy Mercer, Sales – Budget and Daewoo of Glendale

“When you came to my dealership, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to expend $300 I didn’t have but your passion for your work was very apparent and you were able to connect with me individually which most trainers do not. I have several things to take home with me and a new found desire and strength to better myself. Thank you!”
Shanna Stewart, Sales – Big Two Toyota

“Phenomenal experience, loved it!”
Travis Scott, Sales Consultant – Bell Road Automall

“Fantastic! This put the rules of success into easy, usable categories that I can relate to. Usually, things look so difficult that I’m defeated before I start, but I feel I can actually succeed at this.”
Reed Flake, Salesman – Tony M. Coury Buick

“Easily my best investment of the year! Thank you!”
Glenn Vaughn, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Scottsdale Acura

“It not only enlightened me on the automobile industry but gave me a new outlook on how to approach life.”
Rob MacIntosh, Sales – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“I got more out of my third time than I did the first two times combined. I wish my management valued this opportunity for training as much as I do. Training leads to professionalism, which leads to a higher percentage of closes and to a potential for higher gross. The humor segment needs an example of each type of joke. Great start though.”
Rick Martin, Sales (three time graduate) – Bell Road Automall

“Unlike most seminars, Michael Hargrove doesn’t just give us lines to use, but makes us self- evaluate ourselves. By doing these exercises we better ourselves, which makes for a better salesperson.”
Bill Himes, Sales – Big Two Toyota

“Another great workshop with more absorbed overall knowledge. These classes really have helped me in life in and outside of my job. Thanks again, Michael”
Steve Pappas, Asst. Sales Manager (four time graduate) – Tempe Mitsubishi

“I want to thank Michael. I learned more in this one day than I have in nearly three years in automotive retail sales. I think the new tools I have received will be a tremendous help at home and at work. Thank you!”
Deon Ervin, Sales – Bell Road Automall

“The only seminar/workshop that I actually enjoyed participating in. It gave me tools I actually will use. They are not only useful but effective.”
Jim Norris, Salesperson – Sun Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“It was nice to hear tools I could use for all aspects of my life and not just work.”
Ruby Bennett, Sales Rep. – Big Two Toyota

“I like getting your car tuned up. You HAVE to do it!”
Gene Park, Sales Rep. – Bell Road Mitsubishi

“If I can take even a small part of this knowledge and pass it along to my co-workers and family, they will all be better people. Thank you, Michael.”
M.C. Ashcroft, Leasing Manager – Sunset Ford

“It was very inspirational. I only hope I can continue to apply at least some of what I learned today.”
Devan Robertson, Fleet & Internet Consultant – Bell Road Auto Mall

“The change starts here for the rest of my life. Thank you.”
Bill Copson, Sales Rep. – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“Very motivating seminar for both personal and business (life).”
Joe Salaices, Sales Consultant – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“I wish my boyfriend was here to learn and experience everything I did. It helps you remember that life is just basic and YOU have full control of it.”
Delilah Garcia, Sales Rep. – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“Michael D. Hargrove is great! This class will help me!”
David Lenz, Fleet/Internet Director – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“Wonderful, fun, and interesting. Thank you.”
Michael Menefee, Salesman – Berge Mazda/VW

“I enjoyed the workshop. It was informative and well worth the time spent.”
Mike Breyfogle, General Sales Manager – Tempe Dodge

“‘MAKE THE CALL’ was very moving.”
Jim Raye, Salesperson – Coury Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“Great class for almost new salespeople. I do NOT like the crying sad stories and examples of problems.”
Bob Moreash, Sales – Coury Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“I liked the information of the seminar. It did help me realize that I have more to learn. Thanks.”
Joe A. Lopez, Sales Rep. – Big Two Toyota

“My experience was a great one because a lot of the things that were talked about will help me in my career and also in my everyday life activity. I recommend this workshop to everyone, no matter what your occupation is.”
Raymond Valerio, Jr., Salesman – Tempe Mitsubishi

“I’m new to the business and am more confident now in overcoming objections which happened to be my worst problem. Now I can’t wait to be faced with an objection!”
Rueben Rodriguez, Salesman – Tempe Mitsubishi

Miguel Salazar, Sales – Bell Road Automall

“Michael, I know I’ll sell more cars but right now I have a phone call to make! Thank you.”
Paul Maccioli, Sales – Tony Coury Buick

“This is my second time. I did get a lot more out of it (this) time. Thank you!”

“Thanks for reminding me of my life’s priorities. This is something I knew but forgot!”
Gene Tomlin, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi

“Don’t use red in the overheads, too hard to read!”

“I always walk away with something that makes me realize my focus in my personal, as well as professional life, does and always will impact each other. Refreshing, invigorating, and useful. Thanks, Michael!”
Paul Rice, Sales (three time graduate) – Darner Jeep/Chrysler

“I’m very impressed! I have more food for thought than I expected to get. It’s too bad I have to wait a full year to return.”
Sean Proctor, Sales – Sun Buick/Pontiac/GMC

Grant S. Hubbert, Mr. Salesman – Bill Luke Dodge

“When I decided to come to the seminar, I figured three mini’s and it is paid for. But I think I will get a lot more out of this than just work habits. I think it will help me in everyday life dealing with people.”
Steve Young, Sales Associate – Sun Buick/Pontiac/GMC