Attendee Comments – February ’07 – Fresno

“The best money I’ve ever spent! I am positive that when I apply these tools, I will improve not just my sales, not just my income, but every aspect of my life. Thank you for helping me get excited about my future!”
Lee Vick, Salesman – Merced Honda

“Classy, and very efficient! Michael’s delivery is amusing and logical, and very easy to absorb and then apply. This seminar is extremely well thought out and organized and it exceeded my expectations. I’m looking forward to additional training materials and seminars from Michael.”
Gaylene Welda, Leasing/Sales Consultant – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“Great insights into “today’s” customer, changes in the way today’s customers are negotiating, and what they expect from today’s salesperson. I feel like I received some real good tools to put to use.”
Paul Gregory, Sales Professional – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“Most of the afternoon was wasted. Need more role plays. I thought that was what this was about.”

“It was very good for all levels of experience, with great real life values to take to heart. Having started in 1980, nothing was out there like this then. If it had been, maybe I would have stayed a salesman instead of becoming a manager in 1983. Thank you!”
Bruce Eckerfield, Used Car Manager – United Auto Group, Honda North

“Enjoyable and usable. I liked the emphasis on family and other areas of life, not just shop talk.”
John Bissot, General Manager – Zamora Automotive

“Definitely worth the money. This was my first time attending and I feel sorry for those that didn’t take advantage of this opportunity. Truly a life changing course!!”
Ed Williams, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“5th time in 5 years, I always come away with something new! Next year, I WILL have my life’s mission statement laminated!”
Craig J. Hadfield, Internet Sales Manager – Honda North

“This experience has put focus back in my life and on what’s important in my life.”
Norapong Norodom, Regional Sales Trainer – Lithia Automotive, Inc.

“I am making a career move into law enforcement and I wouldn’t have missed this for anything. Anyone in any walk of life can benefit from this workshop.”
Erik Neil Sorensen, Salesman – Honda North

“WOW! Amazing information based on years of experience and simplified! A huge wake up call!”
Andrew Shoaf, Sales Rep. – Lithia Mazda/Suzuki

“3rd time attending, got more this time than last, got more last time than first. More of an absorption of ways to do things than memorization. It’s not the same thing ever, just the same path.”
Robert Wiemiller, Sales Consultant – Fresno Infiniti

“This is my third time attending and if it’s true that the third time is a charm, then I am really excited about the year ahead! The knowledge I have gained over these last three years has improved not only my professional career, but my personal life as well. I look forward to next year.’
Stephen Fabris, Assistant Sales Manager – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“Michael Hargrove has been a great influence in my auto sales career.”
Juan Diaz, Salesperson – Merced Honda

“Michael’s honesty is refreshing. A “must attend“ class to add tools to your toolbox!”
Blanche Williams, Sales – Ron Smith Buick/Pontiac/GMC/Jeep

“Room too cold. Food too slow. Coffee too weak. Everything else was great!”
Nathan George, Sales Rep. – Ron Smith Buick/Pontiac/GMC/Jeep

“Every year I come this gets better, so much so that it motivates me to do everything taught in the class. I’ll see you next year Michael.”
Mario Villagomez, Sales – Lithia Mazda/Suzuki of Fresno

“This is my second year coming and I learned new stuff! Both years were great. I will be back next year too!”
Manuel Maestas, Salesman – Lithia Mazda & Suzuki of Fresno

“If applied, the principles in this workshop will be profound and potentially life changing!”
DeLonzo Lara, Sales Consultant – Lithia Nissan of Fresno

“Michael was able to show me that my focus was misdirected and helped me work on continuing to find my true focus.”
John Woods, Car (sales) Consultant – Lithia Nissan of Fresno

“I need to get back to “asking for the business” and not being afraid to. One hour per shift, one hour per shift.”
Lorraine Garner, Assistant Buyer – Lithia Mazda/Suzuki of Fresno

“Please explain or teach more techniques about approach, phone skills, worksheets, and how to finalize a closing deal. Overall… very useful and a great honor to learn a lot better than my employers did.”
Mario Peña, Sales Consultant – Ron Smith GMC/Pontiac/Buick/Jeep

“Everything was great. For the future, I would like to see the availability of more of your workshops in the Fresno area. Also, I would like to see an updated set of CDs in the near future.”
Philip Krumpe, Internet Sales Manager – Honda North

“For a new salesman, this gave me lots of great new ideas to help me get started in my new career.”
Jessie “Chuy” Ybarra, Sales – Clovis VW

“Great Job. Very insightful.”
Heladio A. Pacheco, Sales – Lithia Nissan of Fresno

“This has opened up my eyes about how to handle many things, not only in this business, but in life. Thank you!”
Fernando Garcia, Salesman – Lithia Nissan and Hyundai of Fresno

“It was a great day of useful training which with practice will be very helpful in my sales career.”
Leland Peterson, Sales Consultant – Merced Honda

“The greatest refresher course. Thanks again!”
Jack Sommerville, Sales Manager – Honda North

“I enjoy being here and I learned a whole lot and even cried some at times. Thank you!”
Kayo Saechao, Sales – Clawson Honda

“Another excellent seminar where I picked up new ideas and revised previous ones I had forgotten. Thank you sincerely.”
Tom Gallagher, Sales Consultant – Honda North

“I will act upon the sleeping dreams in my subconscious to become the me I know I am.”
Danny Ruelas, Internet Sales – Lithia Mazda

“This is my second year attending and I feel the information provided will help me in the future whether it pertains to automobile sales or not. Thank you!”
Cameron Christianson, Sales – Fresno Infiniti

“Great experience! My first time and I loved every minute of it!! Thank you. I will utilize what I’ve learned.”
Shaun Edwards, Salesman – Lithia Dodge of Fresno

“The experience was excellent!”
William Yang, Sales – Lithia Mazda/Suzuki

“Spend more time on developing referral business, methods of staying in contact with 1000+ owners, and trying not to take ups.”
Harold Smith, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“It was good.. I learned some new stuff to help me make more money.”
Candelario Espinoza, Jr., Special Finance Manager – Clawson Honda

“This is my second time at this class. I used some of the techniques the first time. This was a great refresher class and I will use more this next year.”
James Jones, Salesperson – Lithia Mazda of Fresno

“Really helped get me back on track. Helped me work on goals and life. Thank you!”
Ronnie Lewis, Assistant Sales Manager – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“Second time here. A lot of valuable information about work and life situations.”
David Cox, Assistant Sales Manager – Lithia Mazda

“Great Experience!”
Adam Messick, Internet Sales Manager – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“It gets better every year. This was my second time in this workshop. GREAT!! The food was good also. Thanks Michael!”
Mark Jump, Sales – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“I had a great time and learned a lot, especially about myself. Thank you!! I will refer others.”
Rigo Espinoza, Salesman – Clawson Honda

“Extremely helpful in practical everyday situations.”
Sean Mendez, Sales Associate – Clawson Honda

“Excellent and knowledgeable.”
Maria Morales-Opett, Sales Rep. – Lithia Nissan

“Last year I was skeptical, and Michael was great. This year, Michael brought the same passion, but I was able to understand much more. I’ll see him again next year.”
Stanchain Green, Salesman – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“Well done!!”
T. Martinez, Sales – MBZ of Fresno

“Helpful. Even if I only use 5% of what I’ve learned today, it will pay off!”
Patrick Hamayelian, Finance Manager – Lithia Mazda

“Overcoming objections was great! In addition, taking care of ourselves was one of the greatest sessions I’ve ever experienced.”
Gary Rubiaco, Internet Sales Manager – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“I loved it. It really showed me a lot and I will be here next year.”
Benjamin Lozano, Sales – Lithia Dodge

“Good stuff!!I learned so much today that I am really excited to put them all into practice. Michael is such a good trainer. He makes things easy.”
Vladimir Fanning, Sales Consultant – Merced Honda

“Great, just parking was a little too crowded.”
Baltazar Barocio, Sales – Ron Smith Buick

“My goal is to use what I’ve learned today for the rest of my life.”
Chris Rodriguez, Sales Professional – Lithia Mazda/Suzuki

“I loved how Mr. Hargrove would take our comments and put them into aspects of the course.”
Thomas Morrison, Internet Sales – Lithia Dodge of Fresno

“I am happy with the content and feel that I learned a lot. I truly intend to study all of the information and am sure it will make me not only a better salesman, but a better overall person as well.”
Matt Powell, Salesman – Lithia Dodge of Fresno

“It is my first time and I really think that every salesperson should go to this training session. Great experience.”
Hanna John Kafeety, Sales – Lithia Nissan/Hyundai

“I can use what I’ve learned today in the used car portion of the dealership. I thank you, Mr. Hargrove.”
George Todd, Used Car Manager – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“I expected a little more time for role playing and practice. Maybe I need a two day experience instead of a one day.”
Tom Buckingham, Sales Consultant – Clovis Volkswagen


“Being new to the car business, this seminar has opened my eyes and has given me many new tools to be more successful in my career. Thanks!”
David Erbele, Sales Rep. – Mercedes Benz of Fresno