Attendee Comments – Dec. ’06 – Phoenix

“Michael is the real deal! He inspires me to become more than I am, become what I want, and be what my family and I deserve.”
James Meyers, Sales – Tempe Honda


“Michael asked us what we wanted to learn and get out of today’s training and actually covered the things we asked for! It was awesome to know early on that we were getting relevant training!”
Melanie Van Kort, New Car Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa


“Second time here! Great energy, and great content. (Don’t forget to work on this stuff for 20 minutes, 4 times a week!) Managers: You need to go to this seminar to train and reinforce this with your salespeople that attended. It’s critical!”
Dave Milham, Sales Manager – Tempe Mitsubishi


“Above average.”
Erik Burton, Sales Consultant – Superstition Springs Honda


“Michael, I think your class was excellent. Your ideas and insights touched more on just the car business. I found everything you said will help me in my career and also my daily living. I expected to come here and just learn new tricks to selling. I will leave this training stronger, both emotionally and mentally. Thank you!”
Andy Andujar, Fleet/Internet Sales Manager – Honda of Superstition Springs


“It was great! All sales persons in the automotive industry need to experience this workshop at least once as a green pea and any time it is offered as a seasoned professional!”
Eddie Armenta, Sales Consultant – Superstition Springs Honda


“The wealth of information, ideas, and ‘real-world’ selling techniques was great! It left me with the challenge of focusing and following through on my career commitments. Thank you!”
Jim Kemp, New Car Sales – Tempe Honda


“It was much more than I had expected!! I loved how it touches on all aspects of life, not just the mechanics of sales, but rather the essence of human circumstance! Worth every penny! I hope. Now, it’s up to me to walk my talk.”
Shane Peterson, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi


“Just that you should start at like 10:00 so we can sleep in. Thanks.”
Rami Merza, Sales – Superstition Springs Honda

“This opened my eyes to new tools for closing for high gross.”
Sally Scardino-Sivek, CSI/Sales – Infiniti of Scottsdale


“Michael is awesome! This was a day well spent. Thank you!”
Marlon Darton, Sales Consultant – Infiniti of Scottsdale


“It was informative and fun.”
Tim Manning, Sales – Acura of North Scottsdale


“Great, very helpful, and worth every dime!”
Brad Antrim, Sales Consultant – Superstition Springs Honda


“I’m looking forward to attending the next one!”
Wes McNee, Sales Consultant – Tempe Honda


“Very educational. I feel like I have many new tools for success.”
Mathew Griffin, Sales Associate – Superstition Springs Honda


“This could be a two day course. How on Earth could you get through all of it if you leave time for more interaction and role playing? The information and knowledge shared was great and very useful.”
Herman Eichholzer, Sales Associate – Honda Cars of Mesa


“I leave today with a sense of pride and dreams to succeed.”
Kenneth Wettering, Sales Consultant – Sunset Ford


“I am very glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this workshop. It was very motivating and has given me so many great ideas that I’m looking forward to using. Thank you, Michael!”
Danielle Nickerson, Sales – Acura of North Scottsdale


  “This was my second tour and I will be back for a third!”
Robert James, Sales Manager – Tempe Honda


“Great training!”
Johnny Olson, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi


“I am amazed how little I have done on a daily basis to improve myself.”
Mike Stang, Salesman – Tempe Mitsubishi


“Very good. Michael is a great speaker. This would probably be a better two day workshop.”
Chris Sandvig, Sales Consultant – Sunset Ford


“Very fast paced. Hopefully, the audio CDs are more useful.”
Chris Mendez, Sales – Sunset Ford


“Great job, Michael!! You are a fantastic communicator! What a great ‘soap box’ you have made to help build people up and to help better people’s lives! You have great ministry opportunities to touch lives in powerful ways. I pray for your continued success! Thanks again!”
Jeremy Smith, Sales Consultant – Tempe Honda


“Very productive. It was worth driving to Phoenix.”
Michael Escobedo, Customer Relations Manager – Sunset Ford


“I was very skeptical at first. However, this was money and time very well spent! I am a better salesman and a better person for having been here today! Thank you.”
Jason Bowar, Salesman – Sunset Ford


“Excellent job!! I am looking forward to using the new tools that have been provided.”
Steve Cowley, Sales – Honda of Superstition Springs


“Very informative.”
William C. Tychewicz, Sales – Tempe Honda

Daniel Cacioppo, Sales – Tempe Honda


“Much, much more than just sales training! Thank you!”
Daniel Bestine, Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa


“Great! I’m going to pass it on to my sales people that made the mistake of not coming.”
JoBeth Vannatta, Used Car Sales Manager – Tempe Honda


“Was very interesting.”
Michael Chahrour, Sales – Infiniti of Scottsdale


“I liked all the tie in between work and our personal life. A lot of triggers went off on ways that I can, and should, improve.”
Tom G. Watson, Sales Manager – Tempe Honda


“Very informative. Always good to review and put concepts to work in different ways.”
Jon Mefford, Sales Representative – Honda Cars of Mesa

“Having an interactive environment allows me to be more involved and retain ideas and topics easier. Thank you!”
Laurence Bautista, Sales Consultant – Honda Cars of Mesa

“It was nice to have the refresher and I will continue to keep coming back!”
James R. Reese, Sales – Tempe Honda

“Great material, and great presentation! I will use it in my every day training.”
Glen Caschetta, Sales Manager – Tempe Honda

“Best training I’ve ever been to.”
Joey Molina, Sales – Superstition Springs Honda


“I found the seminar to be very educational, very honest, and very helpful. Michael Hargrove teaches real practices with real results. I will be back next year most definitely.”
Clint Kirk, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Infiniti of Scottsdale