Attendee Comments – February ’06 – Fresno

“I have been to seminars about selling cars, but Michael brings it all home. Sales doesn’t end at the lot, it reaches home. After this workshop, you will not only become a better sales representative, but a better individual throughout your entire life. Be prepared to change the way you sell, think, and live!”
Daniel Rocha, Sales Rep. – Lithia Nissan

“This is my second experience in your workshop and I must say I look forward to the third. I forgot how much I forgot! Not only will this help me to be more successful in my career, but also in the training of my sales force. Thank you and see you next year!”
Stephen Fabris, Assistant Sales Manager – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“Michael: You have a real talent for connecting with your ‘audience’. Although I am not in sales directly, I found this workshop quite different than any other ‘self-help’ seminar, and was pleasantly surprised. I will see you again next year! Thanx again. I will have my homework done, that’s a promise! I see the value in doing it.”
Sandra Drzazga, BDC Manager – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“I initially did not take well to Michael and his (training) style. I made a mistake. The workshop was powerful not only for my career but for my entire life. I still have the fire inside me, and I found it again today!”
Chris Dodson, Sales Manager – Honda North

“I am/was skeptical of ‘motivational speakers’ but I did promise to come here open minded. I was impressed with Michael and the information that was presented.”
Stanchain Green, Sales – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“A truly enriching experience for me. These principles will help me in both sales and my day to day life. This workshop was absolutely worth every penny.”
Jordan Brice, Sales and Leasing Consultant – Fresno Lexus

“I would recommend this course to any first timer or 10 year veteran. A truly customized program for all in attendance!”
Jack Sommerville, Sales Manager – Honda North

“Michael is an outstanding coach with superior delivery and presentation skills. This ‘one day workshop’ will have an immediate impact on my ability to close while maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings. The large crowd made it difficult for you to keep the back row (on the left side) engaged. They were distracting at times.”
David Tilbury, Sales Advisor – Fresno Acura

“I feel like I got some information that could help me but I don’t feel like it will help me sell more cars at the dealership I’m at because there is no traffic and the management is not putting enough effort and money into advertising to increase traffic; and thus giving me more chances to close sales.”
Robert Louis Warner, Jr., Sales – Fresno Dodge

“Michael keeps every situation real, the way it really happens on the lot, but also on an everyday life basis.”
Lorenzo Martinez, Sales Representative – Nissan of Clovis

“The experience today was wonderful due to the fact that the material and techniques are easy to implement and understand.”
William Yang, Sales Professional – Lithia Mazda of Fresno

“Yes, this was a must attend class not only for an improvement in my car sales career, but in my personal life attitude and outlook also. I leave this class today pumped up!”
Kurt Catton, Sales – Hedrick’s Chevrolet

“Thanks for the 747 exercise again. Maybe next year I won’t make the same call. Great experience all around. I am much stronger now than before the course. Thank you. Worth every penny.”
Robert Wiemiller, Sales Associate – Fresno Lexus

Alexander Lark, Father, Husband, Son, and Sales Professional – Lithia Mazda

“Been here before and I still learned a bunch of great tools. I also learned that I need to get help with actively listening to my customers. Thanks, Michael!”
Lorraine Garner, Sales Consultant – Lithia Mazda/Suzuki

“Michael is sharp and a great coach!”
Bob Taylor, Sales Consultant – Clawson Honda

“This was good for the car business and for how to be a good person too. Lots about closing deals without lying but just closing it.”
Monier El-Sakka, Asst. Sales Mgr. – Lithia Nissan of Fresno

“Excellent, motivating, and very moving.”
Kevin Gaither, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“I loved the workshop because I am new to the business and I learned a lot. Thank you!”
Julio Vasquez Serrano, Sales – Nissan of Clovis

“Very good, just a little too long for me.”
Tom Rodriguez, Sales – Ron Smith GMC/Buick

“I learned the most today since high school!”
Ivan Bonilla, Salesperson – Nissan of Clovis

“Excellent! I got some great ideas to try. Thank you!”
Tom Gallagher, Sales Consultant – Lithia Nissan/Hyundai of Fresno

“Fourth time here in four years and as always I left having learned something new and had what I already knew refreshed. I’ll be back for a fifth year!”
Craig Hadfield, IT/Internet Manager – Honda North

“Michael was great. I have 16 years selling cars and I learned a lot of new stuff! Good job!!”
John Gonzales, Sales – Nissan of Clovis

“Keep up the good work and thank you.”
Charles Tannous, Sales – Bob Williams Chevrolet

“I was very helpful. I will use it!”
Alfred Gomez, Sales – Lithia Nissan Hyundai of Fresno

“Very helpful to lead me in to my career!”
John Sabado, Sales – Fresno Dodge

“Unleashes the beast! Good times!”
Lorence Liscano, Sales – Fresno Lexus

“This was the first workshop I have ever taken and paid for. Mr. Hargrove is scarily sincere. I enjoyed the mental push to think in ways that could and will change my day to day life in all arenas of my life. Thank you!”
Benjamin Elizondo, Jr., Automotive Consultant – Lithia Nissan/Hyundai

“Michael taught me things that I had heard before and things I had never even thought of before. And the information that I had heard already, Michael made it much easier to understand.”
Brett W. Guestin, Sales Consultant – Nissan of Clovis

“It’s great to look into the psychology of the sale and attain the tools to put it to use. Great foundational points, re: attitude, health, and the desire to succeed.”
Bart Ginsburg, Salesperson – Honda North

“It was great.”
Ramon Marrujo, Sales Consultant – Lithia Ford

“It was very educational.”
Dan K. Hudgins, Sales – Lithia Motors

“Most excellent. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. Michael is a wonderful instructor and his wisdom is amazing.”
Jason Daube, Sales Consultant – Madera Ford

“Great to get organized again.”
Dennis Scotia, Sales – Fresno Acura

“I got a lot more out of this today than I ever thought I would. Not only will I be a better salesman but a better person in general.”
Joseph Miller, Salesman – Ron Smith Buick

“Very informative, lots and lots of good info. My brain hurts.”
Teresa Sanchez, Sales Consultant – Nissan of Clovis

“Every workshop I attend I learn something new and I can add it to a portion of my work ethic and life.”
Wayne C. Tarlton, Salesman – Clawson Honda

“Great, fulfilling.”
Joe Chavez, Manager – Clawson Honda

“Great overall. Very useful stuff.”
Eric Lett, Sales – Clovis Nissan

“Great learning experience and happy times!”
Brian Marcello, Sales Consultant – Madera Ford

“Another great job. Great useable material, ideas, and practical applications. I suggest adding a page in the workbook with eye positioning of the customer.”
Jim Baker, Sales Consultant – Fresno Infiniti

“Very helpful. I look forward to seeing results.”
Steve Ledesma, Sales Rep. – Lithia Nissan Hyundai of Fresno

“Great as always.”
Joshua Shearer, Sales – Honda North

“My 2nd time and again I left feeling empowered and enabled to be the (sales) person I imagine I can be (but haven’t been thus far…).”
John Yager, Internet Salesperson – Honda North

“Great. He literally explained all the facts on which we we decided to come and learn.”
Baltazar Barocio, Salesman – Ron Smith Buick

“100% satisfied. I would come again.”
Manuel Maestas, Sales Professional – Lithia Mazda/Suzuki of Fresno

“This workshop was helpful in the workplace and life.”
James Jones, Asst. Sales Manager – Lithia Mazda

“Great training class. Maybe a little too long.”
Donald G. Mason, Sales – Honda North

“My second time attending. I just hope I’m able to use everything I’m taught.”
Mario Villagomez, Salesperson – Lithia Mazda


“It was a good experience for me. I was not afraid to ask questions and role play here.”
Rosalio Yanez, Jr., Sales Consultant – Bob Williams Chevrolet