Attendee Comments – February ’03 – Fresno

“I use so many techniques from this program and they all seem to work! That’s why I’ve been back three times in two years and will continue to return. Thanks Michael!”
T. Martinez, Salesman (three time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“I work in parts, and not the Sales Department. So, I figured I would only get one or two good points from this workshop that would help me. I couldn’t have been more wrong! What I learned in this workshop is relevant to all aspects of my life! Thanks a lot!”
Jason Zimmerman, Parts Person – Lithia Hyundai

“Breathtaking, jaw-dropping ideas and suggestions. Very eye-opening for life and work.”
Thomas Arredondo, Sales – Future Ford of Clovis

“This meeting was very good and motivational. After seventeen years in the car business, Mr. Hargrove is the best motivational speaker I’ve ever heard or seen! Thanks!”
Rob Brummel, Sales (two time graduate) – Ron Smith Buick

“I’m only 19 and after this meeting, I’m sure I have chosen the career of a lifetime!”
Michael Aguilar, Salesman – Selma Auto Mall

“I got an overall better understanding of human emotions and how to use them to have a better chance of creating a customer-friendly relationship.”
Manuel Rodriguez, Jr., Parts Counter Person – Lithia Automotive Group

“All the information (provided) was valuable. I’ll need more time to digest it all, however, I know the CDs will help reinforce it. Michael is a real pro! His compassion for us and passion about what he does is obvious.”
John Greenly, Sales Trainer – Future Ford

“As someone who works in the parts department, and has no sales experience, this workshop was very informative. I found valuable information to use in my specific department. This workshop should be used by all departments – sales, parts, and service.”
Paul Luckin, Parts Specialist – Lithia Nissan of Fresno

“Helped me get back on track with issues that were hard to overcome, i.e. closing.”
Troy Meier, Sales (two time graduate) – Hedrick’s Hallowell Chevrolet

“I would like to say thank you for simply opening my eyes, not only to sales, but also to the fact that contents of this program could be used in different professions. I would love to attend another program in the future.”
Tom Vartanyan, Sales – Lithia Nissan

“This was my third time, so I was a bit reluctant to come again because of attending before and because of thinking that in the last six years of sales the business hasn’t changed much. Realizing that Mr. Hargrove is still constantly learning tells me I will never know everything! His workshops give me tools to grow with for success.”
Douglas Brown, Assistant Manager (three time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“It was great! I learned a lot of new techniques and gained a great amount of knowledge. Keep up the excellent work and thank you very much!”
Indy Rathnayake, Sales – Lithia Auto Group

Sean Sweeney, Sales – Future Ford

“The one thing that I would like you to know for sure is that I will be back again! Thank you very much!”
Stanley Noia, Sales Rep.(two time graduate) – Honda North

“I love how these lessons apply to life and not just work! I did become very uncomfortable towards the last hour though.”
Scott Turner, Sales (two time graduate) – Honda North

“This is my second year. Last year, two months after the workshop, I was promoted to a closer. Two months ago, I was demoted because I had lost my focus. This has relit the fire of determination within me to refocus. I’m glad it did because with the loss of focus, my whole life fell apart, career and home life. I know why I failed. I’m back due to knowing how and why it was I was failing. Success is determined in your soul, not by income! Success is determined only by the gratification in your heart at the end of your day!”
Jeremy Barnes, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Selma Auto Mall

“I’ve been in this business for twenty-seven years and to this class five times. The workshop always recharges my batteries and I take home some new ideas!”
Wade Hedrick, Sales (five time graduate) – Hedrick’s Hallowell Chevrolet

“Great training class! Fourth time student and I will be back again! I always learn new ideas with each class and most importantly, re-learn techniques that were successful but (less so because I) have gotten lazy and begun to take shortcuts.”
Fred Scoval, Sales (four time graduate) – Hedrick’s Hallowell Chevrolet

“Always very useful. I get something new out of every class!”
Richard Dillon, Sales (four time graduate) – Future Ford

“Michael is a great trainer. It’s now my third time (here) and every time it’s the same examples and same stuff. I would suggest a little bit of freshness, i.e. in examples or ideas need to be added. Overall, I love attending this training.”
Rajneesh Vasudev, Sales Consultant (three time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“It was definitely something that I can use and apply in an everyday work environment.”
Juan Varela, Sales – Lithia Automotive Group

“GREAT! Michael is very informative and knowledgeable.”
Petra Garcia, Finance Manager – Honda North

“I came to the workshop more for appearances at the dealership than expecting to learn. I got a lot from it and will definitely be back for future sessions. Thank you, Michael!”
Craig Hadfield, Internet Manager – Honda North

“It gave me a new lease on life! I feel good about myself.”
Bobby L. Bridges, Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“I have not been in sales for long. I was put in finance with no sales experience. I learned so many things today that I knew nothing about! As well as so many things I should’ve known better.”
Stella Gloria, Finance Manager – Bingham Toyota

“Change the lunch menus and serve dessert. Other than that, the training was great. It was better than what most people said it was! I just guess their interests were different than mine.”
Abel Martinez, Sales Consultant – Selma Auto Mall

“A successful sales career may not be what you thought it was after listening to Michael.”
Ray Lopez, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“It was very uplifting. I have attended a Joe Verde 3-Day course but this was more my style.”
Travis Transue, Sales – Ron Smith Merced

“I can’t use everything but I do think what I can use will make me a better person and more successful.”
Curtis Riggleman, Sales – Lithia Nissan

“I like the Phone Call exercise. This addresses physical and mental needs.”
Wayne Miller, Sales – Ron Smith Buick

“Brings you back to the basics. Besides the job, it also focuses on life and your every day living. Great job, Michael. Next time you are in town again, please stop by at Bingham Toyota.”
Cha Kevin Thao, Sales – Bingham Toyota

“I learned a lot, not just about selling, but overall, how to interact better with people. I’m glad I attended this training.”
Michael Perez, Salesman – Lithia Automotive

“Wrong address on ticket.”
Cary Hoetker, Internet Sales (two time graduate) – Selma Auto Mall

“Learned a lot about myself and what it takes to change a lot of ideas.”
Jesse Marin, Sales – Lithia Nissan

“Greatly refreshing! This is my third time visiting Michael’s program and I truly enjoy ALL of his thoughts and motivation. You HAVE to attend! Thanks!”
Andy Collins, Sales (three time graduate) – Ron Smith Buick/Pontiac

“I thought the analogy of the quadruple by-pass patient was in extremely poor taste. I do understand the point that was trying to be made but I took offense at the example. I wonder if I might judge another man without walking in his shoes.”
Steve Bridges, Sales – Hallowell Chevrolet

“Outstanding for both mind and spirit with fantastic techniques for my business!”
Elma Norma Zavala, Internet Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“Rewarding and enlightening!”
Martin Warczynski, Sales – University Acura

“This is my fourth time coming and I really enjoy attending.”
Juan Diaz, Salesperson (four time graduate) – Merced Honda

“My first ever workshop. I really enjoyed it and would attend again. I’m new to car sales (five months) and it’s all so new and sometimes frustrating, sometimes enjoyable. Thank you.”
Ed Roth, Salesman – Honda North

“Thank you for the opportunity to gain from your knowledge and experience.”
Stephen Fabris, Sales – Selma Nissan

“I thought it was really good and informative.”
Jimmy Vasquez, Salesman – Selma Nissan

“I thought today was real informative to me. It helped me realize a lot. Also, it taught me some great tactics. Thanks, Michael.”
Michael Chavez, Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“Almost too much good info!”
David Jules, Sales – Hedrick’s Hallowell Chevrolet

“GREAT! I would do it again.”
Richard Rodriguez, Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“I learned lots of new stuff and ideas. I realize that what goes through our mind is the most important thing to us than anything else.”
Miguel Nunez, Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“Noise from the room next to ours and noise form the air duct (was distracting). Michael was great! He is 90% of the reason I chose to attend. This is my fourth or fifth time attending this event.”
Tip Aufderheide, Sales Consultant (five time graduate) – Hedrick’s Hallowell Chevrolet

“This program offered me a lot of ideas and ways to improve myself. I think if I practice even 1/10 of what I learned, I will be a better salesman.”
Aaron T. Metry, Sales Professional – Lithia Nissan/Hyundai

“Picadilly just can’t get it together for timely service for lunch. Noisy in room (hotel maintenance).”
Thierry Richards, Facilitator – Honda North

“Very enlightening experience. Michael is a very good speaker. This was something I needed to grow in the retail business, growth not only at work, but at home and in life.”
Thomas R. Smith, Sales – Selma Mitsubishi

“Michael was great! Very informative and also refreshing. I will add to my repertoire of techniques to close more deals.”
Lou Anker, Sales – Ron Smith Buick

“Always a great workshop as a refresher course and obtaining new tools to use in our industry. Michael does a great job of holding our attention and getting the group to participate.”
Scott Biehl, Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Honda North

“I had a good time and look forward to attending another workshop. I am committed to the challenges that I made myself today.”
Jacob Huerta, Internet Manager – Selma Auto Mall

“Keep up the great work. Thank you for all the help! I hope to see you next year. Thank you.”
Tony Vargas, The New Spi-Fi Manager (four time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“Good job, thanks!”
Duane Iler, Sales Consultant – Lithia Automotive

“I’m thankful for your class. I feel like this will be helpful in my career and in my personal life.”
Sheree Gust, Sales – Bingham Toyota