Attendee Comments – Mar. ’03 – Phoenix

“A brilliant source of information that should never be taken lightly. Inspiring and absolutely one of the best training workshops for salesmen in America!”
Isaiah Butler, Leasing Consultant – Sun Pontiac/GMC

“A wonderful interactive day which will benefit me as an automotive sales professional, and perhaps more importantly, as a functional member of a complex society. I’ve been committed and motivated to apply this new knowledge now. Michael, I think we all appreciate your knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to share your vast knowledge and faith in your program and spirit.”
Reggie Yates, Sales Stud – Lou Grubb Chevrolet Camelback

“Not enough role play – what I came for.”
Nathan Wilkey, Sales Consultant – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“Great experience! Exposed me to tons of skills and techniques that will not only help me at work, but also at home!”
Bill Werry, Business Development Manager – Peterson Autoplex, Boise ID

“This was my very first professional sales training class. I am glad I decided to go! the trick will be to motivate myself on a consistent basis.”
Chuck Hansen, Salesman – Honda Cars of Mesa

“Great as before!”
John McCready, Sales (four time graduate) – Honda Cars of Mesa

“Very motivating! Thank you!”
Shane Eikenberry, Sales Associate – Scott Toyota

“Great! I got to learn many ways to help improve myself to help advance my career. No complaints.”
Luis Serrano, Sales Rep. – Bell Ford

“It was very eye opening on how opportunities are always there. It’s just a matter of knowing and having the confidence to hold onto it and use the tools within yourself to get the best results. Never take it for granted.”
Tracey L. Ford, Fleet/Internet Sales – Lou Grubb Chevrolet Camelback

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program. It provided me with a peace of mind and the ability to enjoy my life and realize, that no matter what, I must enjoy my life.”
Brandon Bailey, Salesman – Bell Ford

“Excellent! Very good information, good motivational material, and all around info.”
Randolph Krueger, Salesperson – Budget Auto Sales

“I know from this day on I’m not going to work someone’s plan other than my own. I want to work my own plan.”
Karen Jenkins, Sales – Scott Toyota

“It is the first sales seminar I didn’t leave early! I even let my ride leave so I could stay until the end! thank you.”
Brian Rae, Sales – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“This is one of the best training experiences that I have ever had. Michael puts so much knowledge and emotion into his teaching that it spills over on to the students/participants. Thank you for an eye opening experience.”
Robert Gerdes, Sales – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“It was nothing I expected at all! I have been to many sales seminars and this was very good. The best part was to make me think and remember why I went into the car business in the first place!”
Mike Steinlight, Sales Manager – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“I appreciate the lessons of success. Instead of this workshop being about ‘the road to the sale’, this, to me at least, was more of ‘here is the car, this is how it’s driven, why you drive that way or might drive that way, maintained, here is your map for your trip, etc. usually it’s ‘here is the car’, ten steps ahead is the destination. This was refreshing.”
Jimmy Rowen, Team Chief – Bell Ford

“Today I learned somethings to make me a successful salesperson. many felt that I was too new in the business to attend. but you are what you say, and this class has given me a great foundation to build on!”
Nolan Denson, Sales Associate – Big Two Mitsubishi

“Very interesting and challenging.”
Alan L. Bargerstock, Sales/Leasing – Brown & Brown Chevrolet

Mitchell Edson, Sales – Sun Pontiac/GMC

“Great reminder and great wake up call! Here’s an old dog that learned new stuff!”
J.P. Hammaker, Finance – Sun Pontiac

“I enjoyed it! I look forward to implementing these strategies!”
Charles Teller, Jr., Sales Manager – Honda Cars of Mesa

“This (workshop) achieved what I was looking for.”
Heath Wacker, Sales Manager – Honda Cars of Mesa

“Very nice, good workshop.”
Gary L. Bowers, Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa

“It was great and I can’t wait for the next workshop!”
Larry Fitzgerald, Sales Manager – Scott Toyota

“Overall, this is genuinely different. Most dealer training (programs) are laid out a little differently but always cover the same things over and over again. This proved to be truly different and helpful!”
Thomas L. Scott, Sales Representative – Bell Ford

“I feel that by applying this knowledge I will do better for myself, my family, and then the people I work with.”
Robert Griffin, Sales – Big Two Mitsubishi

“I’ll never forget the ‘Make the Call’ exercise. A tremendous amount of usable material. Very motivational too! Many thanks, Michael!”
Brad Burnham, Sales – Audi North Scottsdale

“Best stuff that I already knew ‘academically’ but have not been able to use like common interests of all customers and active listening.”
Art Sells, Salesperson – Bell Ford

“Opened my eyes to some things I need to deal with in order to succeed.”
Donna McNew, Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa