Attendee Comments – Dec ’01 – Phoenix

“Third time for me, and it never grows old. To me the car stuff is easy, it’s the life stuff that’s hard.”
Robert Grill, Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Lou Grubb Chevrolet Arrowhead

“After attending a previous training event where the message (from the speaker) was ‘give, give, give’ but his actions said, ‘gimme, gimme, gimme,’ Michael Hargrove was a breath of fresh air! Practical stuff, well presented, and destined for lucrative application!”
Mark Ranson, Sales – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“It was what I expected and more. I signed up for the course not because Michael gave us (Porsche) a sneak preview (sales meeting), or he was the only seminar of the year, or because the fee was split (with the dealership), it was because sales has everything to do with perception and Michael’s approachability is a rare (great) commodity. I would buy a car from Michael!”
Mark Siffert, Sales – Porsche of Scottsdale

“I appreciate that in addition to providing very good ideas and a good presentation, that I got a very positive feeling about the instructor and his personal interest in us as people and our success and life happiness by passing on the keys to improving our lives and sales. He led us to the water and now it is up to us to make the difference by drinking and passing it on to other people.”
Tom Delaney, Sales – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“Good to listen to and he kept the attention of the group. He’s a down to Earth person.”
Lawrence Krauter, Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa

“I think it was very fulfilling. I found the CDs in a file cabinet at work before I came to the class. They are in my truck and I listen to them daily. I will return to the class again the next time you’re in Phoenix. Thank you for everything!”
Brain E. Weaver, Sales Consultant – Sunset Ford

“Fourth time here and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s down to Earth stuff that I need to revisit yearly.”
Chris Barrett, Sales (four time graduate) – Sunset Ford

“I had a great day. I learned a lot about myself and the direction I want to go. I just wish there was more training interaction.”
John Lea, Sales Rep. – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“You bring a different perspective and unique edge to the speaking/training circuit, especially for the more motivated professional.”
Gavin L. Hill, Sales Professional – Scottsdale Jaguar-Porsche

“Just as good as last year. Thanks for all the reminders.”
Rebecca Everett, Sales (two time graduate) – Sunset Ford

“It’s hard to put into words but the experience was exceptional, uplifting, and even spiritual! Thank you very very much. It was money and time well spent!!!!”
Tim Wagner, Sales Rep. – Budget Resale

“Very enjoyable and informative”
Jeffrey Parker, Sales Consultant – Sunset Ford

“Too much material covered inadequately. I had hoped to have more ‘auto sales’ information exchanged. I hope the book and CDs will provide this in more detail.”
Jim Rogers, Sales – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“Awakening, positive, personal growth, personal confidence, Spiritual growth, Self reassurance.”
Linda E. Gomez, Sales Consultant – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“Great reminder to re-establish priorities and maintain my focus on my goals and efforts to sell. I feel I now own my own future.”
Dale Johnson, Sales – Budget Daewoo

“Time very well spent. Meaningful, very useful, and timely. It directly related to my profession where most (seminars) are general.”
Jan S. Hall, Sales Manager – Scottsdale Jaguar

“The state management skills was the most helpful section. I wish it had been a bit longer. This can and will make a difference. Thanks.”
Brian Vaillancourt, Customer Relations Manager – Mel Clayton Ford

“Outstanding! I really appreciate your preparedness and true concern for your students! I look forward to attending again and again.”
Dave Johnson, Salesman – Scottsdale Jaguar/Porsche

“I honestly feel that this workshop will help me both personally and professionally. I will definitely be back again! THANK YOU!!”
Dan Samsill, Sales Consultant – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“I would like to say thanks for your coaching today. I’ve been in the car business for three years after being a police officer and military person. My car business experience has been mostly on the down side, even at this time I’m $1,000 in the hole with my dealership not including the price of this training. I have learned that I can’t afford to let managers get in my way in order to succeed in this business. I don’t know if I have any more energy to make it at this point but this class might give me the shot I need to reach my full potential.”
Kevin M. Young, Sales Rep, – Mel Clayton Ford

“Very well put. I learned a lot of things to put in my toolbox. Michael’s a very good speaker.”
Charles Moore, Sales – Sunset Ford

“FANTASTIC!! This covered different subjects not usually covered by the average trainer. I learned some great new ideas.”
Tom Risk, Sales – Courtesy Chevrolet

“I didn’t hear one new idea but I was reminded of lots that I have forgotten to use. The time was well spent. I’ll be back!”
Mark Biddison, Sales Manager – Scottsdale Porsche

“Very helpful not only in sales but also in everyday life and with the family.”
Mark Scrugham, Sales Professional – Sunset Ford

“It was a great class, worth all the money. I believe that I will be a better salesman and person. Thank you.”
Tom Johnson, Sales – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“Very animated and enthusiastic. Transferred energy very effectively!”
Eric Ellison, Sales Professional – Sunset Ford

“First time attending this workshop. It will make me a better motivated salesperson if I use it.”
Marty Dwyer, Sales – Budget Daewoo

“This is just what I needed to give me that extra boost in life! Thanks.”
Robert Hernandez, Sales Consultant – Sunset Ford

“This is my second workshop of Michael’s and I wasn’t disappointed. I learned so much! I was really surprised how much I needed this course. Thank you!”
Lauri Runge, Finance Manager (two time graduate) – Lou Grubb Chevrolet Arrowhead

“This might change my life, help me make more money, and be happy.”

“Thank you. It has been a long time since I have been motivated and it feels good.”
Aaron Purdy, Sales Consultant – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“Michael, thanks for another great time and just want to let you know I will use everything you said. See you next year.”
Chris Bowman, Assistant Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Sunset Ford


“I have learned a lot about the business and even myself. This class put reality in front of you so you have to confront it, which helps out in all areas of life.”
Chris Walls, Salesman – Mel Clayton Ford

“I found it to be fun and very very informative. I would attend again happily.”
Stephen E. Dunwoody, Sales – Budget Car Sales

“Thank you! You are helping us very much to increase our paychecks!”
Zakaria D. Majok, Sales – Mel Clayton Ford