Attendee Comments – February ’00 – San Diego


“All knowledge is great and necessary. This class was good.”
Jim Mears, Sales Person – Poway Dodge

“Very nice presentation.”
Mike Mendenhall, Sales – Poway Toyota

“Thank you for a very enlightened learning experience. Michael gave me some knowledge for life and lots of ideas for car sales. Active listening will definitely help at work as well as home. Amazing! Thanks!”
Steve Brown, Sales – Rancho Jeep

“Great, very motivating!”
Clarence Campbell, Sales – Poway Toyota

“Worthwhile and positive.”
John Mullen, Sales Manager

“It was fantastic! I reopened some closed doors of knowledge that had gotten lost in the daily grind of the retail automotive industry. Thank you Michael!”
Todd Swenke, General Sales Manager – Poway Toyota

“Very fulfilling. This will help me out a lot in the future. Thank you!”
Kelly Benson, Sales – Rancho Jeep

“Valuable information!”
Arturo Mikel, Sales – Rancho Jeep

“Very informative.”
Omar Curry, Sales – Poway Toyota

“One word…eye-opening!”
Tom Hale III, Sales Consultant – Poway Toyota

“When I woke up this morning I wasn’t really all for it (this workshop), but after spending the day, I really was very impressed and I totally have no regrets in going.”
Jason Riketh, Sales – Poway Toyota

Richard Lecauga, Sales Rep. – Toyota of Escondido

“I’m glad I came.”
Wade Whittington, Used Car Sales – Toyota of Escondido

“He showed me many ways to improve my selling skills.”
Loren Otake, Sales – Toyota of Escondido

“I found it entertaining and I hoped to take home something new and revolutionary. I’m looking for an ORIGINAL idea, after some reflection I just may find it.”
Greg Brack, Sales – Toyota of Escondido

“This is my first experience as a car salesperson in training and was glad I made the decision to attend.”
Joseph Fernandez, Salesperson – Poway Chevrolet

“I have been in the business seven years and have never seen a class this good. I now will get selling for my future income so my children will have a father who can spend time with them.”
William Boeger, Sales Rep. – Toyota of Escondido

“I loved it, I just wish it wasn’t so far away form the dealership.”
Stephen Santana, New Car Sales