Attendee Comments – February ’00 – Fresno


“I am anxious to start practicing the techniques I’ve learned here today.”
David McCarthy, Sales – Hallowell Chevrolet

“Just when yo think yo have all your sales skills down is when you need a workshop like this. It brings yo back to the basics to earn more gross! Thanks Michael!”
Douglas Brown, Sales – Razzari Dodge

“I would like to have more control questions and answers. There were too many people answering at the same time. Also, I would have done more role playing.”
Bill Gatlin, Razzari Ford/Mazda

“This is my first workshop! Thank you for the info. This has enlightened and inspired me in more ways than I ever anticipated. Great Job!!”
Phil Gauthier, Salesperson – Merced Honda

“I felt I learned a lot. But if I don’t utilize my efforts I fail and that’s on me.”
Jerome T. Smith, Sales Consultant – Lithia Nissan/Jeep/Hyundai

“I’ve heard most of these things before but this course was better organized and presented. Thanks.”
David Allan, Manager – Razzari Ford

“It was a lot of fun and informative. It looked at aspects that I thought only a psychology major in Behavioral Science would be able to identify. You can enhance old bad behavior and always learn good useful behaviors of you listen and if you are coachable and keep a positive attitude (towards learning).”
William P. Davila, Sales Consultant – Razzari Ford

“I picked up some worthwhile ideas and will work hard to put them to use. It was great to hear new ideas and share with other salespeople.”
Todd Weber, Sales Consultant – Lithia Automotive Group

“Excellent training class! I expected to be sleepy after lunch, however, you and the materials covered kept my interest. New ways to looks at myself and how to improve upon what I already knew or just learned.”
Fred Scovel, Salesman – Hallowell Chevrolet

“The workshop is great. I’ll do a third time. I like the role play and the famous ‘Make The Call’ exercise. It will make me a better person and a better sales consultant.”
Rene Terrazas, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Razzari Ford/Mitsubishi

“I really enjoyed the part of making the call. It made me think of life itself. Michael: I would like to say this workshop has packed me with more knowledge than last year’s. I will visit the website.”
Ruben J. Hurtado, Salesperson (two time graduate) – Razzari Ford/Mazda

“The class was excellent. Everybody had lots of new ideas and options. Most importantly, the instructor was more self contained than any other instructor I have met in these kinds of meetings. The class was conducted in a very different but very good way. Not like the typical meeting but very goal oriented.”
Santiago Gallardo, Sales Rep. – Lithia Automotive Group

“This workshop was extremely beneficial in helping me learn what I need to do to overcome practically any problem or objection I may have had prior to attending. After leaving the workshop I felt UNSTOPPABLE!”
Jennifer A. Stark, Sales – Razzari Ford/Mazda

“Very motivating. This meeting has opened my eyes not only towards my job, but my personal life as well. I can use some work! Thanks.”
Andy Collins, Salesperson – Ron Smith Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“I feel that my experience at this sales meeting is really going to make me improve my sales. Got so much information in my head that I can’t wait to use it. Honestly, I enjoyed every minute of it! Let’s do it again!!”
Louis E. Guevara, Sales Consultant – Merced Honda

“Today I learned a lot. I’m glad I showed up to this workshop. The information I gained today will help me better myself.”
Hector Rodriguez, Sales – Merced Honda

“It was very helpful and gave me ideas for the future.”
Kirk Domio, Sales – Lithia Automotive

“I learned more than I could express in words, not only for my career but also for my family life. Thanks.”
Ralph Styles, Sales Rep. – University Acura

“A first rate workshop. Very well done. I will be at the next one and many more!”
David R. McNaught, Sales – Paul Evert RV

“It was great to interact with Michael and fellow salespeople. The experience was gratifying, helpful, and I know I will be a better salesperson. Looking forward to doing it again.”
Clement DeFranco, Sales – Lithia Automotive Group

“For being in the business five months, this course gave me tools to grow in the field of sales.”
Ken Bitter, Sales – University Acura

“I thought it was great!”
Steve Kerekesh, Jr., Salesman – University Acura

“Many tools given that will be used at work and home. Several tools were known, however, I did not have these in prospective order to use fully. Now I can and will use them with excitement.”
Gene Allensworth, Salesman – Lithia Ford/Mazda

“This is my third time attending this workshop. Each time I always pick up a few new ideas. I’d recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about their CAREER in sales.”
Thammavongsa Nobpadonh, Salesman (three time graduate) – Razzari Dodge/Chrysler

“Today, just like any time I take part in a workshop, helps me to think about my life at work and at home and how I can make it better. Michael helped me to remember why I do what I do for a living.”
Johnny Pinãda, Sales Rep. (four time graduate) – Honda North

“Very thought provoking with lots of tools to achieve better results. Now it’s up to me!”
Jim Harmer, Sales – Ron Smith Buick

“The content was better than I was expecting. I can use what I learned today and what I will learn out of the book. I learned that our personal state of mind is as important as our knowledge!”

“GREAT! Thank you for the experience and the new ideas. Can’t wait to try our all I have gained and learned from your workshop. I never expected to cry at a workshop! Your ideas are real.”
Denise Carrington, Sales – Honda North

“Very helpful. Michael Hargrove was/is great!”
Michael Brooks, Salesman – Ron Smith Buick

“Great seminar! See you next year.”
John P Salazar II, Sales – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“Things for personal and professional life. I’m inspired!”
Larry Underhill, Sales Rep. – Honda North

“It was great.”
Rene Abarca, Sales (two time graduate) – Ron Smith Buick

“My third time attending this workshop. Each visit builds upon the past with both content and insight. Well done Michael!”
Mark Schultz, General Sales Manager – Razzari Dodge/Chrysler

“I was hoping to learn more ‘tool box’ techniques on objections and closing.”
Jack Deombeleg, Sales – Honda North

“It was upbeat and a real wake up call!!”
Steve Milligan, Sales – Lithia Ford

“This will culminate my first week in this business and of all of the conferences that I go to are this good, I’ll do a great deal to make sure I turn out exactly like I want…the best salesman in the nation.”
Scott W. Neyman, Sales Consultant – Lithia Automotive Group

“I really enjoyed this workshop. It is a great resource for anybody in the sales business.”
Juan Diaz, Sales Consultant – Merced Honda

“Always willing to learn new skills to attain a higher standard of life! For goals and to focus on the whole picture!”
Dave Canova, Sales Rep. – Lithia Nissan/Jeep

“I heard ways I can overcome objections and closing techniques.”
Alex Guerrero, Salesperson – Lithia Ford

“Michael makes me remember that sometimes we complain about our wife, our children, our job, our boss. Today he made me feel how lucky I am to have my wife, my children and a job.”
Silvestre Lopez, Salesman – Merced Honda