Attendee Comments – Feb. ’98 – Destin

“(The most important things I learned were:) 1-NLP. 2-Catch-Phrases; using “when” instead of if and “and” or “yes and” instead of “but. 3-The “wake up” principal and the “if you’re there be there” attitude. 4- The use of the word “fair”, especially in deflating a shopper situation. 5- Salutation/ Introduction/ Business Card. Generally, an exercise in clarifying priorities, having goals and accepting good feelings.”
Vic Clark, Sales Manager – Preston Hood Chevrolet

“The self enlightenment and deep subject matter which allowed me to look deeper into the reasons why I do what I do was the greatest part of the seminar. Michael Hargrove has and ability to “wake you up” and show you why we have a bad or good attitude. Also, he did not fail to cover any area of interest for every individual studied. In short, my life, in baby steps, will improve based on the new information I have as guidance.”
Mark Price, Sales Professional – Preston Hood Chevrolet

“The nuerolinquistic has to be the most interesting. Anything to help me know what the customer is thinking helps a lot. And the part where home, fanily, health, play a huge part in my success.”
Doug Gibson, Salesman – Preston Hood Chevrolet

“Michael was one of the most informated trainer I’ve been introduced to. I learned mostly to react to most of the negativity in customers. How to attract them to your idea without being over bearing. he taught me how to feel good about the car business, weather I’m in it another year or not I’ll always remember what he said. Thanks!”
Tanya Otterness, Sales Associate – Hub City Ford Mercury,Inc.

“(I learned) Don’t be afraid to try new things. There are different tracks to get to the same destination.”
Pete Everett, Salesman – Preston Hood Chevrolet

“Refesher on overcoming objectives. Bypassing. (Shopping best prices, color etc…).”
O.Lynch, Sales – Preston Hood Chevrolet

“(I learned to) rehearse and role play to improve my sales skills. Clean up my act and my life and pay more attention to loved ones and to include attention to my own needs and emotions. Love myself and those important to me and most of all, Show it.”
Jim McCain, Sales – Gary Smith Ford

“Make the call – don’t wait for success, grab it. I’m going through a custody battle and it’s so hard not to be bitter and Mike made me realize that facts are facts and whats most important is how I resond to them. Thanks Mike!”
Tina Brousseau, Floor Manager – Lee Chrysler Plymouth Dodge

“(I learned) appreciating my life, I am blessed.”
Elaine Gibson, Closer – Lee Chrysler

“Michael was very very good. His examples were very relative and pertinent to my concerns. I think it can benefit some of my salespeople greatly, if they practice what has been given to them. I would have liked to had the opportunity to observed more role plays.”
Chris Daggs, GM – Hub City Ford-Mercury, Inc.

Miranda Ewertz, Sales Representaive – Hub City Ford-Mercury, Inc.

“I did pick up some good responses to objectives and overall public realtions pointers. However, I found the seminar too long and dragged out. Out of the (8) hours spent, there were probably (2) total hours spent on information regarding car sales. Furthermore, most of the information I recieved pertaining to car sales, I was already was aware of. I do think the workshop and tapes are of value, but not $360.0worth ($180. of which I paid). Half of the content had nothing to do with selling cars.”
Matthew Wesley Williams, Product Specialist – Lee Isuzu, VW, Subaru

“(The most important things I picked up were) you have to have faith in yourself and love yourself in order to pass on positive image to others. Learn to listen more than talk.”
Aron Fendel, Product Specialist – Lee Isuzu, VW, Subaru

“Objections & the way to overcome them & having a good rapport with customers (was the most important).”
Rob Szwiec, Sales Consultant – Lee Isuzu, Subaru, Volkswagen

“Totaly Excellent!”
Gracen Smith, Sales – Lloyd Pontiac-Cadillac-GMC

“I picked up some valuable sales objections tips whcih is my biggest limitation.”

“The meaning of success is measured from within and what one does to achieve it.”
Roger Bennett, Sales – Lee Chrysler