Attendee Comments – September ’99 – Seattle

“The ‘Peak Performer’ material was excellent. The absolute truth in Michael’s material and delivery was top notch. This part of the class is what will leave here with me and challenge me to change and improve myself as a woman and salesperson!”
Camy Faircloth, Internet Sales Manager – Toyota of Kirkland

“Thank you Michael for all that you teach and who you are. You’re the best trainer I’ve met, and thanks for all the help you’ve given me in my career.”
Joe Rubino, Sales & Leasing (three time graduate) – Barrier Motors

“I’m so glad I finally got to come. Have had salespeople come for the last 6 or 7 years and was never able to attend. Thanks for the additional tools you’ve provided me. Can’t wait to use them. Thank you Michael!”
Chuck Lucas, Sales Manager – Tom Matson Dodge

“I have been in the car business for 15 years. Have been to many seminars. It is my absolute honest opinion that Michael Hargrove’s Retail Auto Sales Workshop is the best I’ve ever seen! Results will be immediate!”
Malcolm Power, Assistant Sales Manager – Puyallup Chrysler/Plymouth

“Thank you very much. This workshop hit at just the right period, time, and day in my life. Thank you for your passion and courage to be who and what you are; a treasure to all you encounter.”
Cyndie Pulsipher, Sales – Puyallup Chrysler/Plymouth

“It was great, fun, and a learning experience!”
Richard Medina – Puyallup Chrysler/Plymouth

“Great workshop Michael! Covering a person’s personal and business life is an excellent idea.”
Aaron Frederickson, Sales – Scarff Ford

“Lots of info. Will take time to assimilate.”
Scott Sorenson, Sales – Puyallup C/P

“I truly enjoyed the experience. It helped me touch base with what the real important things are about and related them with the auto industry. This was the link that most other workshops don’t have.”
Martin Southwick, Sales – Puyallup Chrysler/Plymouth

“Much of the material will be very useful.”
Corey Skarperud, Salesperson – Nissan of Fife

“It was a great experience. One of the only workshops that I’ve attended and not come even close to falling asleep!”
Michelle Bartz, Sales Consultant – South Tacoma Jeep

“Was good. Liked the focus on car sales. Lots of attitude coaches and few are car specific.”
Erik Johnson, Team Leader – Puyallup Chrysler

“No more excuses for a lack of action.”
Jim Johnson, Sales Manager – Puyallup Chrysler/Plymouth

“Thoughtfully organized, spontaneous, useful content, more than your money’s worth!”
Kevin Fordham, Salesperson – South Tacoma Jeep

“This has put the excitement into auto sales for me. It also has showed me that success is still possible.”
Armand Coe, Sales Person – Puyallup Chrysler/Plymouth

“I feel that this is excellent training for someone who has never experienced motivational training for the workplace. Michael is a phenominal speaker who enriches all he meets.”
P. Lene Hicks, Sales Manager Assistant – Toyota of Kirkland

“While some of the content was familiar, I continue to obtain great insight in many areas, which can be utilized immediately from Michael’s workshop.”
Darryl Bell, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Honda of Kirkland

“It was great! It was also too much for one day for me. This is a workshop that should take place over a period of a couple days. I will recommend this to other salesmen as a must.”
Michael Ruane, Sales – Barrier Motors

“I enjoyed it very much especially the second time. Repetition is good for learning.”

“Thankfully we left the shallowness of business and sought applications to life.”
Dan McClain, Salesman – Nissan of Fife

“It was very helpful. I am new to sales and I believe that it was very informative. I intend to use everything I learned today, at work and at home. Great job Michael!”
Katie Wilmus, Sales Consultant – Nissan of Fife

“The best day I’ve spent in my three years in the business!”
Steve Perovich, Sales – Nissan of Fife

“Second year, same class, even better than last year! Such a wonderfully passionate delivery of what could be a mundane subject. Michael is awesome! Thanks.”
Andrew Borrevik, Sales (two time graduate) – Barrier Motors

Grant Barnett, Sales – Milam Olds

“I have 21 years in the industry. I needed a little ‘kick in the ass’ to refocus my energy. My life and those around me will be forever changed positively. Can’t wait to get started. Thank you Michael!”
Admiral Flunder, Salesperson – Barrier Motors

“New in car sales, I am. I feel this helped me. Will come again.”
Michael Schmauch, Sales – Milam Olds

“I really enjoyed the workshop, I feel it will be beneficial provided I continue on my side, which I will.”
Fred England, Sales Professional – Puyallup Chrysler

“I’m ready to work my own plan! You’re the best trainer I’ve ever had. Thank you.”
Rich Zevenbergen, Salesman – Milam Jeep

“Good experience, a lot of enthusiasm.”
Rachid Sayoud, Sales Consultant – Toyota of Kirkland