Attendee Comments – Feb. ’13 – Fresno

“Today was a great day! I learned a lot and I’m leaving with more confidence in car sales than I had before I came.”
Santiago Monge, Sales – Fahrney Automotive Group


“I am excited to put these techniques to use. I will definitely be using the included coaching services.”
Trinidad Medina, Internet Sales Manager – Fresno Lexus


“Michael’s enthusiasm and engaging style aimed directly at the car professional in today’s market, makes for an action-inducing workshop that I enjoy attending every year!”
John Yager, Internet Sales Manager – Honda North


“Great Workshop! Very professional!”
Freeman Sisowath, Sales – Nissan of Clovis


“Overall plan was extremely similar to previous events. Last two hours were the most useful info. Would be helpful to separate into introductory and advanced courses.”
Donald Heffington, Sales Associate – Lithia Ford


“Great experience! Very informational.”
Kirk Domio, Sales – Lithia Automotive


“At first I didn’t want to come but I’ll just say that I’m extremely happy I attended. I learned a lot and feel that the information provided to me will absolutely be beneficial in my career.”
Lacy Faucett, Sales Consultant – Lithia Subaru of Fresno


“Pretty good but a little too short. I will sign up again next time though!”
Roem Chub, Sales Associate – Michael Toyota


“Wonderful experience interacting and role playing with others and I got a lot of great tools to use with my customers.”
Martin Ramirez, Sales Consultant – Selma Kia


“Great experience! Good interaction among other sales personnel. It only needs a bit more info on Internet sales and techniques.”
Bernie Estrada, Salesman – Selma Hyundai


“Thank you!”
Gino Castillo, Happiness Coordinator – Mercedes-Benz of Fresno


“I had a great experience and I can’t wait to get home and practice some of the trial closes on my friends and family. Mike did a great great job! Thanks again for sharing such helpful sales info.”
Mike Donovan, Sales – Lithia Subaru of Fresno


“Being new to the car business, I felt that Michael did a great job at not only addressing my concerns and questions but also providing me with useful ways to overcome them.”
Daniel Lillibridge, Sales Associate – Lithia Subaru of Fresno


“Improve the recorded sound from video material during the workshop.”
German Arroyo, Sales – Clawson Honda


“As always, great job Michael!”
Chris Horsford, Sales Manager – Clawson Motorsports


Bobby Griffin, Sales – Michael Toyota


“It’s great to reawaken a lot of what I know but stopped using. Thanks Michael. I’ll stop skipping years.”
Paul Gregory, Sales Associate – Mercedes-Benz of Fresno


“He’s so far advanced that it’s hard for me to keep up! It was also hard to tell if he’s giving directions or role playing, which made it hard for me to put what he’s saying into context. I’ll need to attend this a few more times!”
Kurt Phillips, Sales – Clawson Motorsports


“Michael Hargrove’s seminar was a great experience. The information I gathered from this seminar was excellent.”
Robert Moreno-Mora, Sales – Swanson Fahrney Ford


“Much more useful than what I was expecting. Thank you!”
Johnathan Smith, Motorsports Sales – Clawson Motorsports


“Finally, NLP made relevant to me! Thanks!”
Ed Monson, Internet Sales – Lithia Subaru


“Fantastic class! I was able to leave with many new tools.”
Mark Crable, Sales Consultant – Selma Automall


“I think I learned a ton today!”
Martin Graham, Sales – Fahrney Automotive Group


“This exceeded my expectations!”
Tracey Mayfield, Sales – Clawson Motorsports


Brian Teigen, Sales – Michael Toyota


“I’m still getting extremely useful information even after my 8th time attending. I can’t wait to get back to the dealership and put this to work!”
Jack Sommerville, New Car Sales Manager – Honda North


“Great as usual.”
Rigoberto Espinoza, Internet Manager – Clawson Honda


“I met Michael on Saturday before the class. I have anticipated this class ever since. I talked with him at Michael Toyota and right off the bat he was willing to help me! Thanks Michael! I can’t wait to master my trade.”
Ernie Ott, Sales – Michael Toyota


“This was great! I loved it! I really learned and picked up on some good training techniques. Michael worked hard and is very passionate. Seriously great training and worth a semester of school, actually beyond that! I truly believe that when I put all of these techniques to use, and practice them daily, I will quickly be number 1!”
Adrian Zepeda, Sales Consultant – Selma Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram


“It was great.”
Daren Wooten, Sales – Clawson Motorsports


“I am a very satisfied customer.”
Curt Cowling, Internet Manager – Honda North


“This was my 4th time coming to this workshop. Every time I come I leave with more knowledge. I’ll be back next year too. Thank you for your input.”
Terry Turner, Sales – Lithia Ford of Fresno


“This was great! I learned a lot. I can’t wait to use it on the lot. See you on the blacktop.”
Manny Ibarra, Sales Rep. – Lithia Subaru