Attendee Comments – Dec. ’12 AoC – Tacoma

“Very informative! I like the different approach to selling.”
Kevin Shaw, Sales Consultant – Burien Chevrolet


“This course offers new perspectives on your everyday routine.”
Austin Wells, Sales Manager – Burien Chevrolet


“An excellent class. I learned a ton! As a “Green Pea,” it added a lot to my sales arsenal.”
Bill Coulombe, Sales Representative – Burien Chevrolet


“Most helpful – with getting small commitments to the write up. “New car” <- “remember to use.” “Purchasing your new car” <- “always use.””
Amy Hasenbulg, Sales – Titus Will Toyota


“Brand new in car sales… I really like the de-mystifying of “closing.” Mike really broke down the way to deal with customers and helped me to “welcome” objections instead of fearing them.”
Bryan Christiansen, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“Thanks again for presenting relevant & dynamic information in an understandable way.”
James Battle, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“Great information. Course may be too short though.”
Carlos Moreno, Internet Manager – Five Star Ford


“New ideas for business in today’s market.”
Shane J. Goohwa, Sales – Burien Chevy


“Focus more on the closing techniques, not so much on transition to write up – that’s covered in the first course well enough. More hard-core closings…”
Brian Woolsey, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“It was great.”
Spencer Rayner, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“Good info.”
Don England, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“The workshop helped in bringing new information and ways to move through the closing process. The pace went well & the audience interaction was great.”
Jamal Burnett, Sales Consultant – Burien Chevrolet


“Really enjoyed it today. Thanks Mike.”
Don Heath, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“It was a good training exercise overall, but I wish we spent more time actually writing down figures and working the negotiation process. I would make it into two different classes: one for newcomers aimed at specifically getting to the write up, and another one for more experienced salespeople aimed at finishing the negotiation and getting a commitment.”
Tyler Griffin, Internet Sales Manager – Five Star Chevy & Toyota


“It was nice to meet Tom Miller’s (my owner’s) original desk manager.”
Brandon Seely, Sales – Five Star Ford