Attendee Comments – Oct. ’06 – Portland

“I have been a constant top performer in my dealership for four years. I make six figures each year, averaging 22-25 cars a month. This is one of the first training events that challenged me so much that I felt like a green pea again!! Today, with this training experience, I will start reaching my TRUE sales potential. The sky is the limit!!”
Mario Montagna, Sales – Acura of Portland

“I’m happy that finally someone has recognized the change in the buying behavior of today’s customer and has given us permission and ways to change right along with them! I’m glad that he also taught the importance of taking care of your physical body as well.”
Bob Katelhut, Sales – Dick Hannah Honda

“I’m new to car sales. I wasn’t sure what to expect… but WOW! Michael’s passion, not only for our sales success but also for our personal well being and our family life, completely blew me away!! I’ll definitely be back next year!”
Darren Billings, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“Helpful but not for the price.”
Anonymous Toyota of Gladstone

“Michael’s training style is very engaging. He draws you in and helps you to remember what is most important, in life and in sales. His techniques are great, fresh, and plentiful enough to sustain my continued learning for the next nine months. The investment is definitely worth it! I will be back!”
Mike O’Brien, Internet Sales Manager – Acura of Portland

“My family will fair the best from my experience today, then my business will follow.”
Ryan B. Lawson, Assistant Sales Manager – Hillsboro Hyundai

“This was very informative and the second half of the day was the best, so whatever you do, don’t leave too early! I learned a lot of great new ideas and re-learned a lot of techniques I have heard previously but didn’t remember.”
Brian O’Hickey, Sales – Acura of Portland

“I learned some great new tools and really enjoyed the interaction with others (sharing ideas). This was time and money well spent! I also enjoyed the airplane exercise. Revolutionary ideas and concepts. I’m richer just for coming with the knowledge I gained and the money I’ll earn.”
Joaquin Vasquez, Internet Manager – Premier Auto Group

“Michael is a fantastic teacher. He is very informative and attentive to what the group wants to learn. I will most certainly be attending next time!”
Elizabeth M. Elliott, Internet Manager – Toyota of Gladstone

“This offered much more than I expected! Just imagine a world of healthy, studious, professional sales people!”
Jason R. Jabara, Sales Consultant – Town & Country Chevrolet

“Very informative on a wide range of topics. My only regret is not being able to remember it all!”
Aaron Collins, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“I learned quite a bit and will use a lot of it in my daily life. Thanks.”
Jacob Lampert, Sales – Premier Auto Group

“Thank you!”
Sherlyn Gassett, Sales Consultant – Dick Hannah Honda

“I will most definitely come back and will also use this stuff to make money and decisions in the present and future.”
Raul Avalos, Sales Consultant – Premier Auto Group

“Good material but I’d like a workshop geared to those with 5+ years experience.”
John Hudson, Sales – Wilsonville Honda

“It was inspirational and it will be a launching point for my future.”
Jacob Pierce, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“It was wonderful! I really think I will use a lot of things I learned today. The temperature of the room and comfort of the seats were the only downfalls. Thank you!”
Stephanie Webb, Sales – Hillsboro Hyundai

“Great. Loved it!”
Ralph Faimalie, Sales – Courtesy Ford

“I wish more people took this more seriously, because we skipped quite a bit due to the excess time spent goofing off. If everyone cared about the progression of sales as much as the trainer did, everyone would be better off and would be back every year.”
Carlos Martinez, Floor Manager – Town & Country Dealerships

“I wish we could have covered the topics in the workshop in more detail.”
Paul Suchanski, Sales Account Manager – Wilsonville Honda

“Very useful and concise. It was motivating and helpful on both a business and personal level! Thanks!”
Ian Killough, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“The Professional’s One Day Workshop was a home run!”
Greg Meakin, Call Center Manager – Vancouver Toyota

“I have been to this workshop three times and it is great every single time!”
Gary C. Anderson, Sales – T&C Chrysler

“Lots of good information and objections to learn how to overcome. Very enthusiastic presentation. It hits right at home for work and personal life.”
Kyle Ward, Sales – Courtesy Ford

“It was great!”
Dmitry Litvin, Sales – Acura of Portland

“This was my first workshop and I feel that I don’t regret the time or money spent/invested. Good job!”
Sergiy Kondrenko, Salesman – Dick Hannah Honda

“Thank you for emphasizing that the quality of our own being has impact on the world around us.”
Dennis Fitzpatrick, Sales – Dick Hannah Honda

“Uplifting, surprising, and personal. It was great! Thank you, Michael!”
Paul W. Carpenter, Sales – Acura of Portland

“Michael has been very informative. I am thankful for his knowledge. This workshop has been very motivating.”
Rebecca Vasquez, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“A day well spent. It’s nice to have a trainer who takes the time to understand our local market. I hope to come to more classes in the future.”

“Very powerful advise for success today and in the future. I will be able to use the tools at work and in my life in general.”
Cory Fay, Sales – Acura of Portland

“This was life changing!”
Amanda Aliff, Sales – Town & Country Chevrolet

Dan Savage, Sales – Dick Hannah Lincoln/Subaru

“Great information. We seemed to skip around a lot.”
Joel Whited, General Sales Manager – Toyota of Vancouver

“I feel confident in growing my personal income and growing my customer base more effectively now that I’ve taken this class.”
Daren Hernandez, Professional Salesman – Hillsboro Hyundai

“I learned a lot! I feel Michael Hargrove has a modern outlook on the retail auto sales industry and on personal motivation!”

“It may be more effective to have two half day classes. Although very valuable information was obtained, I left an open business unattended to for eight hours. That being said, this was the most beneficial sales workshop I’ve ever attended, and I’ve attended many over fourteen years of professional sales. This workshop provided me the crucial help I was seeking.”
Mark Brubeck, Internet Sales Manager – Courtesy Ford

“It was great. This is my third workshop and I can’t wait to see you again next year!!”
Matthew Dale, Sales/Team Leader – Vancouver Toyota

“I am very new to car sales and I found that this workshop was very helpful. It has given me a lot more tools to use in the sales process.”
Jordan Seaman, Sales – Braley & Graham Buick/GMC

“Great course materials. I knew quite a bit of the material presented although a few new gems were hidden in the course also. Career changing practices!”
Gordon Lawrence, Sales – Ron Tonkin Auto Group


“Awesome and fun! There was a great amount of knowledge covered in a way that was easy to retain!”
Jason Igo, Salesperson – Dick Hannah Honda