Attendee Comments – Feb. ’05 – Fresno

“Not your normal sales seminar. Very interactive, full of great ideas, word tracks, and helpful concepts to help the seasoned pro to the green pea. Great stuff!!”
Scott Carlson, Sales Manager – Fresno Acura

“It was well worth the time spent. This opened up the proper way to “think” about objections, closing, control, etc. Some skills I already knew but had fell to the wayside. But it also opened up some new venues for sales for me. I’ve been in the industry for 13 years and I will attend THIS workshop again next year! I highly recommend it for all sales personnel.”
Jeffrey Ault, Sales Courtesy Chevrolet/Cadillac/Suzuki

“This was my third time attending. I thought I would come just for a refresher but I am coming away with so much more! I don’t know if the third time is a charm or what but I have come away with a totally new understanding.”
John Spade, Sales Representative – Ron Smith Buick/GMC/Jeep/Pontiac

“I strongly believe that if I apply what I have learned at this workshop, I will have found the career of my choice regardless of my income.”
Jose A. Rodriguez, Salesperson – Hedrick’s Chevrolet

“This is the best training class I have ever been to. I am 62 years old and have been to more training courses than most people. Great job!”
Donald G. Mason, Sales – Honda North

“I can’t wait to share this with the rest of the dealership and I hope to see you again next year.”
Jack Sommerville, Sales Manager – Honda North

“I enjoyed my 2nd time even more than my 1st and I already know the 3rd time will be better still!”
Joshua Shearer, Sales Rep. – Honda North

“This is the third time I’ve seen Michael. He can get you focused and help take the next steps to further your learning! Sales people always need updated info and should visit with him once a year! This makes sales easier by understanding your clients better!!”
J.T. Toste, Sales – Ron Smith Buick

“For the second year in a row, Michael has taught me lessons that I will apply to my work and even more importantly, to my life. Thank you and see you next year!”
David Press, Sales Consultant – Hedrick’s Chevrolet

“I honestly think this will be the best money I have or will spend this entire year! I think this will make me at least ten times what it cost me!”
Jan Johnson, Salesperson – Fresno Acura

“Thanks, Michael, for the gift and tools that you gave us today. This is my third time and I learn more every time I come.”
Bill Gatlin, Sales Consultant – Courtesy Chevrolet/Cadillac

“I am attending this workshop for the second year in a row and I’ll continue to attend. I always learn something. Michael’s great!”
Irene Flores, Business Manager – Honda North

Brandon Kelley, Sales Consultant – Kitahara Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“This experience was both emotionally and professionally rewarding. Michael’s message to me was that success starts and ends from within.”
John P. Ekmalian, Sales/Finance – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“The workshop was great. Very useful stuff.”
Kaoching Saechao, Sales – Honda North

“Very inspiring. I will use all the info at work and at home. Thank you!”
Richard Denrick, Sales – Ron Smith Buick

“I will come back! This was my first one and I found it very helpful to me. I liked the family and personal information, like taking personal responsibility.”
C.J. Johnson, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“Thanks Michael! This was unbelievably useful. If I follow your suggestions, I’d be guarantying myself success. I’ll keep in touch to let you know.”
Paul Bagdadlian, Sales Associate – Kitahara Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“Well worth the time, money, and effort! These are tools and techniques that make perfect sense and can be used NOW!”
Jim Burke, Sales Consultant – Fresno Infiniti

“I had a great time! This was time well spent.”
Bryce L. Niemi, Salesman – Fresno Dodge

“I’m looking forward to using these techniques to improve mu overall sales.”
Jason Combs, Sales Consultant – Fresno Dodge

“The workshop was very well planned. The personal motivation section, I feel, was the best.”
Milton E. Casey, Sales Manager – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“A day very well spent!”
Tom Santi, Sales Consultant – Courtesy Automotive Center

“I’ve learned so many new techniques! I can’t wait to apply them to my everyday selling experiences. I’ll definately attend this again next year!”
Andrea Amparano, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Fresno Lexus

“Michael did a good job!”
Siengvan (Pao) Yang, Internet Manager – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“This experience today was just not about how to be a better car salesman but how to live life more!”
Scott McAllister, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“Used correctly, this can make a great deal of improvement in my personal and professinal life.”
Adam Stevens, Sakes Associate – Courtesy Automotive Center

“A lesson to use in life, not just for work. Everyone can take something away with them from this workshop.”
Craig Hadfield, IT Manager – Honda North

Jeff Nies, Internet Manager – Honda North

“Very useful, good for salespeople and managers alike!”
Mike Makin, ASM – Courtesy Automotive Center

“Michael is an excellent and motivating speaker. I learned a lot to day and look forward to coming again.”
Robert Swafford, Salesman – Merced Honda

“Very good! I’ll do this again next year!”
Wayne Miller, Salesperson – Ron Smith Automotive

“Great motivational instructor.”
Andrew Havens, Sales – Infiniti of Fresno

“I loved it!! That’s why it’s my second trip here!”
Alfonso Zamora, Sales – Ron Smith Buick

“It’s great, thank you! I learned a lot and enjoyed myself very much. I intend to apply all that I learned to day.”
Katia Kazazian, Sales – Fresno Lexus

“It was very entertaining.”
Jimmie Davis, Sales Rep. – Mercedes Benz of Fresno


“It was lots of fun and very informative. I was deeply touched by the 747 exercise. I wll attend again next year and offer feedback online. Thank you! It was well worth the money! Next year, though, please have a better breakfast and lunch. Thanks again.”
Robert Wiemiller, Sales Consultant – Fresno Lexus