Attendee Comments – October ’01 – Lynnwood

“You’re lucky to have Michael as a trainer. Best seminar I’ve ever been to. Thank you.”
Richard Peck, Sales – Bill Pierre Dodge

“Since I’ve attended 3 or 4 times in the past, I contemplated not coming today. I’m extremely glad I did. There is so much great information here to take my career to the next level! Thank you, Michael!”
Tyson Hesser, Sales (four time graduate) – Magic Toyota

“I’ve been in sales for 20 years, needless to say (I’ve got an) extensive amount of sales seminars under my belt. This was by far the most useful seminar I’ve attended.”
Kevin Rogers, Sales Consultant – Clyde Revord Motors

“You have different approaches to different regions in the U.S. I have worked quite a few places and I don’t believe east side sales are compatible with north end sales. Somewhat like east coast and west coast. Some folks couldn’t get new ideas and drug the workshop to a point of boredom. I don’t think 2-4 people should be allowed to run the workshop. GET ON WITH THE PROGRAM! I’m sick of Internet stuff.”
Jackie Walton, Sales – Arlington Chevrolet

“Excellent focus and control of presentation!”
Travis M. West, Sales Consultant – Arlington Chevrolet

“Great! I learned a lot! I would take it again and I’m sure it would still be a new experience with different people. I usually start sleeping or dozing but not here! This information and Michael kept me alert and interested the whole time!”
Mimi Willden, Sales/F&I – Brien Motors

“I feel that this course has had a profound effect on my home and work life relationship. I can’t express enough my true thanks to Michael Hargrove. His compassion and enthusiasm made my day! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
Gregory Wyles, Car Sales Professional – Clyde Revord Motors

“This had to be the best of 6 other car training seminars. Michael did a great job at keeping me focused and my attention peaked. By the way, I’m a sleeper. I can and have fell asleep through other training (sessions).”
Jeremiah Morris, Sales & Leasing – All Star Toyota

“(This) made me want to refocus many aspects of my life. I will become more goal oriented and positive whether in my business or personal life. I thought that Michael was very genuine and had a warm approach and very professional. I was very impressed.”
Lynn Shrubsole, Sales Associate – All Star Toyota

“I learned a lot of stuff that I could actually use in real situations, which is exactly what I wanted to get out of the class.”
Jon Benedict, Salesman – Clyde Revord Motors

“Thank you!”
Brian Franz, Sales – Dwayne Lane Chevrolet

“Very helpful information to apply not only at the office, but also at home. God bless!”
David Murphy III, Sales – Kirkland Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“Learned a lot. Refreshed my memory.”
Aziz Stassi, Sales – All Star Toyota

“Michael is GREAT!! And I will keep in touch.”
Luis Cano, Sales – Kirkland Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“Very outstanding!”
Martin Shidlowsky, Sales – Clyde Revord Motors

“I plan to learn more new ideas next time.”
Tommy Guo Hu, Sales – Magic Toyota

“The class was great. I feel excited about what I do now. I am ready to learn and become a great car salesman. Thank you!”
Jason Cooper, Sales Consultant – Clyde Revord Motors

“Great information.”
Mark Dills, Sales – Brien Motors

“The workshop was wonderful. I have gone to several others and this was by far the best!”
Ken Southard, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Bill Pierre Dodge

“I think it’s going to be a big change for the better.”
Jake Vick, Mr. Sales – Brien Motors

“I feel that I can use these lessons in life, car biz, etc. Thank you. It was meant to be!”
Hector A. Garza, Jr., Sales – Clyde Revord Motors