Ten Differences Between Winners And Whiners

by Dave Anderson


Is your organization filled with winners or whiners? Which are you? Here are ten distinctive traits that set the two apart. Read through them, measuring yourself and those you work with. Take any “whiner” tendencies and turn them around quickly, before someone you work with reads this article and finds you out!

Whiners continually point out what is wrong where they work and with whom they work with. Winners point out what is wrong as well. However, they also have solutions on how to fix it.

Whiners have a scarcity mentality. Anytime someone gets something like a “big sale”, a bonus, a new computer, etc., they feel that there’s that much less for them. Winners have an abundance mentality. They know that there’s plenty to go around for everyone who works hard and does their job.

Whiners blame things beyond their control and never take responsibility for what they can control. Winners focus strictly on what they can control and do their best to control those areas well. If those areas under perform, they blame no one but themselves.

Whiners bring their problems to work and wear them on their sleeve. Winners have problems too. The difference is they leave them at home. They don’t do or say anything that would distract or bring down another employee, and they stay away from those who do.

Whiners wait for things to happen. Winners make things happen. They are continually putting something in motion that will create a sale right now, or somewhere down the road.

Whiners use rejection as an excuse to quit. Winners use rejection as validation that they’re doing something, knowing that it will bring them closer to where they want to be.

Whiners are “minimum input”, “maximum expectation” people. They do the bare minimum, yet expect the most in return. Winners are “maximum input”, “minimum expectation” people. They give more than they have to and expect nothing more in return, although they often get it.

Whiners only work hard when they “feel” like it. Winners work hard every day, without letting up. They bring all they have to the job and won’t cheat themselves, their company or themselves by giving any less.

Whiners have the “disease of me”. They are addicted to their own agenda and out for themselves. Winners are the consummate team players, often ignoring what’s best for them for the good of the team.

Whiners need pep talks. They require high maintenance and attention to continually repair their attitude and outlook. Winners give pep talks. They not only cross the finish line, they’re intent on bringing others across with them.

Well, how’d you do? How about the people you work with? Can you see some areas where you need help—or that maybe are a little gray? Go to work and fix them and you’ll find that winning pays a heck of a lot better than whining!


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