Sales Tips For The New Year

by Mark Tewart

Control your thoughts, belief system and limiting patterns and you can explode in 2004 to a year never thought possible. Take a piece of paper and write down your success and failures you incurred last year and what beliefs and experiences had to do with these results. What satisfying emotions did you get from your failures in 2004?

Right now you might be saying, Mark are you crazy? I don’t have satisfying emotions from failures. I believe we all have certain emotions we seek subconsciously from our repeating failures. Otherwise we would not repeatedly have these failures. We condition ourselves to receive things. Sometimes we may not be looking strongly enough at why we have things happen to us. If a person is always broke, then they are receiving emotions that allow them to feel sorry for themselves, or limit their actions because they can always use their lack of money as an excuse.

How many books are at the library about making money? If a person really wanted to make money, they would read every book and then take action. Some of you who will read this will get mad and say, “It’s not that easy.” My questions is, “why?”. When our trainers work with people, we find some people with very little limitations and tackle things immediately. However, it is much more common to hear excuses and reasons why they are failing or not reaching their potential or why they can’t take action. We are always amazed at the difference of choices made by equal people and the results because of it. Everything is based upon personal responsibility.

Recently, I trained at a dealership that had developed a pervasive negative mentality. Some of the reasons for the negativity were valid. However, those reasons began to multiply to ridiculous levels and allowed those involved to receive validation of their own failures and therefore received whatever emotions they were seeking. We are all human beings seeking emotions at all times. Let me ask you, while you were reading this, did you get motivated or angry at me or others? What are your patterns for accepting or rejecting ideas and information?

19 Sales Tips for the New Year

#1 Don’t waste one day without a system for follow-up.
#2 Don’t waste one day without a system for prospecting.
#3 Don’t waste one day without educating yourself.
#4 Don’t waste one day without a plan.
#5 Don’t waste one day without getting coaching.
#6 Don’t waste one day without reward.
#7 Don’t waste one day without goals.
#8 Don’t waste one day without laughing about it.
#9 Don’t waste one day being boring – People want to do business with someone they get excited about. Be unique and be you.
#10 Don’t waste one day by blaming others.
#11 Don’t waste one day letting yesterday’s results determine tomorrow’s.
#12 Break all tasks down to small ridiculous steps.
#13 Create and monitor your daily “stop doing list”.
#14 Get a tape recorder and tape all your goals and then listen to them continuously.
#15 Tape five top objections and the answers to them and play on the way to work.
#16 Make a list of the top five objections and laminate them. The next time you get someone who won’t buy and won’t give you an objection, show them the list and ask if any of those are the problem.
#17 Satisfy their problems emotionally.
#18 TLC – Think Like A Customer.
#19 Risk Reversal – Take away risk and you take away fear.

Mark Tewart is the President of Tewart Enterprises Inc., a training and consulting company. Mark is a keynote speaker and has had top ranked programs on ASTN (Automotive Satellite Training Network) and is a featured article writer for Dealer Magazine, Wards Dealer Magazine and JustSell.Com as well as being a contributing author to a book titled, GenderSell – Selling To The Opposite Sex.