PM – Guest – Private Coaching Options

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We have a 4 hour Telephone Selling Skills workshop that focuses on both incoming and outgoing phone strategies with lots of role play.
Telephone Selling Skills: A Workshop for Automobile Sales Professionals

We have a 4 hour Art of Closing workshop that focuses solely on the negotiation process and how to help the customer make the mental buying decision much earlier in the transaction.
The Art of Closing: Negotiation Skills for Automobile Sales Professionals

We have our 8 hour foundational skills workshop that is usually broken into two 4 hour segments when done privately (one session on communication skills/building rapport and the other covering objections and life balance skills.
Retail Automobile Sales: The Professional’s 1 Day Workshop

We have a 4 hour curriculum on Expanding Our Digital Footprint which focuses on video responses to incoming phone and e-mail inquiries, and how to use social media (the store’s website, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to drive traffic and capture market share.
Expanding Our Digital Footprint: How To Use Social Media And Video

And we have a 2 hour Service Selling Skills workshop that we do privately for dealerships as well. This covers both face to face and telephone selling skills.
What most of my clients do is have me come in and do two 4 hour sessions per day, over two or three days, at their dealership(s). This way no one misses selling opportunities and the store always has adequate coverage. They mix and match our existing curriculums to suit the needs specific to each store.

All of these private coaching agreements also include: a one year subscription to our monthly online newsletter, a one year 1 on 1 remote coaching contract for the entire staff, as well as limited reprint rights of the applicable workbooks.