The Art Of Closing: Negotiation Skills for Automobile Sales Professionals

This is a relatively new workshop that has received accolades from scores of auto industry professionals throughout the western U. S. who already have attended.


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This is a 4 hour, role play intensive, targeted workshop focusing on negotiating skills. Although this workshop is occasionally offered as a public event, typically it’s conducted privately.

In this workshop we will cover:

How to help your customer easily make a series of small commitments to the write up from the greeting to the transition

What to ask during the pre-appraisal to help set up the negotiations

How to use trial closes to move the transaction forward and to help your customer make the mental ownership decision

How to make the transition from the lot to your office less intimidating and to your customer’s advantage

How to recognize and effectively handle stall tactics

How to use your store’s worksheet to get today commitments before the negotiating begins (please bring 5 blank dealership worksheets)

How to present first figures, and how to secure/present offers, and counter offers

How to close on the final objection for maximum gross profit retention

Over thirty stand alone closing strategies