Evidence Manual Or PowerPoint

by Michael Hargrove

A couple of the most important elements in selling anything is the ability to build trust and confidence. The evidence manual or evidence PowerPoint presentation is designed to help us do both. This is accomplished by showing as well as telling our customer the benefits ofevidence-manual doing business with us. It’s simply more credible when they are allowed to read it too!

We can use the evidence manual or evidence PowerPoint at any time in the transaction but we’ll probably find it most beneficial at the write up stage or anytime we have to leave our customers alone in our office. Finally, the manual or PowerPoint should be designed in such a way as to build credibility in the following:
Us As A Person

  • Certificates, diplomas, awards of merit, special recognitions
  • Articles showing our participation in local events or charities
  • Pictures of ourself with our families, pets, church groups, etc.
  • A brief biography of ourself

Us As A Sales Professional

  • Certificates of training courses, product certification, dealership certification, etc.
  • Professional achievements, awards and recognitions
  • Testimonial videos or letters from our customers
  • Pictures of our customers taking delivery of their new cars (with us in it too!)
  • CSI reports

The Dealership

  • Awards, citations, special recognitions, factory designations, etc.
  • Articles showing the dealership’s participation in local events and charities
  • Sponsorships (local baseball teams, girl scout outings, soccer tournaments, etc.)
  • Pictures of the owner(s), general manager, department managers, etc.
  • A brief biography of the owner(s) and the agency
  • Dealership CSI reports

The Product

  • Periodicals, news releases, portions of the product brochures, etc.
  • Magazine articles from Autoweek, Motor Trend, Automotive News, Car & Driver, Road & Track, Consumer Reports, etc. (attention drawn to major points with a highlighter)

We should add a credo at the beginning or end also. Some examples are:

“We can get everything in life we want if we just help enough other people to get what they want.”


“My rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to my contributions and service to my customers.”


“The law of business prevents paying a little and receiving a lot. When you deal with the lowest bidder it is always best to add a little for risk. However, if you can afford to add a little for risk, you can afford to buy the best.”


“There is hardly anything in this world some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only, are this man’s lawful prey.”


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