Change That Negative Attitude And Increase Your Sales

by Marcella McMahon


Sales is not a personal thing – Or is it? A negative attitude in sales will hold you back every time! Do you have a negative attitude holding you back?

No one likes to do business with people who are negative. But sometimes we don’t even know we have a negative attitude. Take Casey for example:

When Casey, a 38 year-old top sales executive in her field for years, started having difficulties in the sales game – not meeting quota, she asked for my help. I probed her about how she could go from far exceeding quota to not making it. Nothing in her sales game had changed. However, the one thing that had changed was she bought a house for the first time. But it was more than just a new house, for her it connected to a much deeper fear. She was sad about buying a house alone when she always believed she would be married first. Her fear and sadness of being alone was affecting her mental attitude. She was still fun and cute like she had always been, but now she had this underlying anger. Although she couldn’t tell; her friends could sense it and her buyers knew it.

Recognize The Ways Anger, Fear, Negativity Come Out:

  • Sharp responses
  • Voice inflection
  • Scowl in the brow
  • Gritting Teeth
  • Body Language
  • Passive Aggressive Behavior

That passive aggressive behavior can be a tough one to read. As defined by, Passive Aggressive is the term applied to people who respond aggressively and negatively to demands made upon them by using such passive means as procrastination, dawdling, intentional inefficiency, or deliberate forgetfulness.

As a salesperson, you can’t afford to give off these negative signs to your buyers and clients- you must find a way to be a positive influence upon those around you. I guarantee this will get you more sales, more referrals and maybe even a date like Casey found. First you have to recognize what it is you are truly angry about.

You have the power to change.
Ever hear that old saying, “You get out, all that you put in”? Exactly true in your Sales Attitude!

How Do You Change?
The power of the mind to achieve is unbelievable. It has ability far beyond what the average person uses. If you truly want a better life, follow the 5-steps outlined. You will see marked change. Guaranteed!

1. Assess What It Is You Need To Change
2. Set Concrete Goals 3. Give A Time Frame
4. Play Positive Mind CDs
5. Review

1. Assess What It Is You Need To Change
There are several techniques to assess what it is that is holding you back from a positive attitude.

      • Try simply getting a pad of paper out and writing down what it might be. Keep writing for at least 15 minutes. It doesn’t have to even make sense – just let the ideas flow. Hint: The answer usually is not the first thing you write down.
      • Ask a true friend to be honest with you – what do they see holding you back. Then assess if that is a possibility. They may be right on. Sometimes it is easier to see problems from a distance.
      • Call a career coach.
      • Ask your supervisor.
      • Remember, you can’t change unless you truly want to!

2. Set Concrete Goals
Now that you know what you want to change and what is holding you back – what will help you change?

Make a plan. Sit down and write for as long as possible for all the solutions you can think of. Be strategic when making your plan and ask a confident to review your plan.

Writing example: I need to increase sales, having a relationship will help my attitude which in turn will make me more appealing to my customers. A good attitude will also make me more appealing to potential mates. I also need to be more socially aggressive in meeting people. I know, I could take the golf lessons I have been wanting to. What would help me both in business contact and personal? I could become a much more active member in our chamber too.

Plan example: I will sign up for golf lessons by the end of this week to start no later than next week. I will not make excuses like being too tired to keep me from going. I want to change! I will join one committee at the chamber. I will attend at least one social function per month meeting at least 10 new people.

3. Give A Concrete Time Frame
Notice above how the plan has specific amounts and time frames. This is paramount in achieving any goal. Not using concrete specifics will have failed results. Just like a prospect saying, “Well, call me again ” You think, “Yea, right!” and if you’re a good salesperson you’ll ask, “Great, What’s better Tuesday or Thursday?” If you don’t get that specific you’ll never hook the deal.

4. Play Positive Mind CDs
‘Mind CDs’ are those messages we hear in our brain which tell us the things we heard growing-up. These Mind CDs are our self-image mind talk. For Example, you start to do something new and you hear yourself say, “You can’t do that!” or “What are you thinking, you’re Stupid!” or even the opposite extreme “I am better than everyone else.” All of the extremes will hinder you. You can re-burn your CD. Take your Mind CD and mentally copy over it specific statements to achieve your goal.

For example: I change my mind message from, “What am I thinking, these people probably think I’m stupid.” To “I enjoy meeting new people and learning about them.” Notice how I did not go to the opposite extreme from “people think I’m stupid.” To “people absolutely love me.”

5. Review your goals at least once a week (or daily if possible)
This aspect is often overlooked; however, it is so very important. If you don’t review your progress you will never know how far you’ve come and how much you’ve changed. Review what your goals are. Ask yourself, “How am I progressing?” and “Where can I do better?” or “What have I learned?”

Track concrete specifics such as your sales. Then review your sales performance. Reassess the direction you are going and if the goals are still what you truly want. If things have not changed – change your plan!

Change Can Be Difficult – And If You Think That Way It Will!

Change can be a difficult thing especially if you focus on how hard it is. Instead, think of how one small change can make the world of difference. Change can be exciting, exhilarating and rejuvenating!

© 2001 by Positive Results. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Marcella McMahon is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, motivational coach, counselor and COO of Positive Results. She coaches many entrepreneurs to success and loves instructing. She gives her time freely to the non-profit organization “Junior Achievement” teaching the youth of America to be entrepreneurial and understand business’ role in free enterprise.

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