Attendee Comments – September 2017 EDF – Portland

“The initial meeting at the dealership was very off-putting, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to come to the seminar, so I signed up for only one. Now, I wish I would have signed up for both days. Really great information!”
Michelle Powers, Sales – Lithia Subaru of Oregon City

“Super powerful for social media basics but we needed more specifics.”
Rebekah Boucher, Sales Consultant – Alan Webb Chevrolet

“Amazing and everything. I am excited to put this knowledge to work! Thank you, Michael!”
Brion Thomas, Floor Sales – Acura of Portland

“This was a very eye-opening experience. I definitely feel like I have found a way to get more our of my efforts and time.”
Cody Russell, Salesman – Gresham Toyota

“Well Done!! Very useful information and relevant for the 21st century!”
Austin Lortie, Internet Consultant – Courtesy Ford

“Having not attended for a few years, it was really nice to pick up so many ideas on how to use social media in automotive sales. I’m kind of old school, so this was so helpful! So much more to use and grow my clientele that I now have. I love not having to take ups but keeping busy with my repeats and referrals!”
Sandra Silva, Internet Manager – Acura of Portland

“I would suggest dividing us into a beginner and experienced groups.”
TJ Schepker, Internet Sales Manager – Acura of Portland

“This workshop is an absolute must for anyone trying to reach out to their clients!”
Jacob Amos-Christie, Floor Salesperson – Gresham Toyota

“As an Internet sales manager, I found a great amount of value in expanding my business, power base, and otherwise.”
James Zea, Internet Sales Manager – Gresham Subaru