Attendee Comments – September 2014 – Portland

“This was great! Michael knows what’s going on in today’s market and he changes with the times. He doesn’t stick with dinosaur techniques.”
Jeremy Campbell, Sales – Dick’s Hillsboro Honda


“Michael, you have come a long way in just 4 years! Great job today! I truly was skeptical but never again.”
Christine Dudley, Internet Sales – Town & Country Honda


“FANTASTIC! Thank you. I appreciate you teaching the underlying principles that the strategies are based on.”
Jeff Taylor, Director of Training – Young Automotive Group


“(This is) definitely worth taking your time to come to. Five stars! I will be back! Thank you.”
Kaitlin Doyle, Sales – Dick’s Hillsboro Honda


“I really enjoyed how the seminar was set up so that I was able to learn from both Michael and from my peers as well. I am excited to dive into social media and watch my business grow!”
Dane R. Stonebraker, Sales Consultant – Dick’s Auto Group

“Thank you! I cannot wait to use your tools ro move forward and excel!”


“You’re missing out on a lot of great training people!”
Andy Mitchell-Clarke, Sales – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford


“Every time I return I learn something new that makes a huge impact on how I operate and how I grow as a salesperson.”
Nicholas Martinez, Sales Associate – Town & Country Honda


“I enjoyed it but I wish it was just an hour longer or broken up into different workshops so that the social media issues and set up could be addressed a little more effectively. I was under the impression that before I left the workshop I would have or be able to set up on my own. However, the thing I will remember most is the person with the most choices wins.”
Pascha Jefferson, Internet Sales Assistant – Toyota of Gladstone

“I would like to have a step by step process for shooting videos for us less computer savvy salesmen.”
Ron Roth, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone


“Great current information. Very user friendly.”
John Holland, Sales – Dick’s Auto Group


“Michael is such a straight forward coach. He is extremely knowledgeable. I’m glad I was able to take this course. Thanks, Michael!”
Joseph “Scott” Barney, Salesman – Hillsboro Honda


“This is the fourth time I’ve been at on of Michael’s workshops and every year they get better!”
Paul Yauch, Sales Pro – Gresham Subaru


“I did learn a lot from Michael and the participants today. Lunch servers were friendly but they need training. Set up was poor, service was poor, and the food wasn’t tasty. My seat back was broken too.”
Adam Dhaly, Sales Consultant – Dick’s Hillsboro Honda


“Money and time very well spent! Thank you!”
Jason Foulk, Sales Associate – Toyota of Gladstone


David Castillo, Sales – Lithia Subaru


“Very informative and helpful!”
Chad Winter, Salesman – Courtesy Ford

“Great, great, great as always!”


“This is my second class and I enjoyed it much more this time. I think it really helped that we didn’t have any one price store employees in our group this time.”
Tiffany Foley, Sales – Gresham Subaru


“Great class as usual, Michael!”
Salena Mellick, Sales – Town & Country Honda