Attendee Comments – October 2014 – Portland

“Michael, this was phenomenal. I’ve been to countless training events of all kinds and you’ve got the gift. I was riveted the entire time. You provide clear, practical tools and drive them home in a way I know I can and will use. Not just in auto sales either—if/when I move on (I’ll kill at this thing before I do!) to the next gig. There is so much I will be able to use then too—of this I am certain. Thank you for your generosity. We’ll keep in touch. Thank you!”
Lee Samatowic, CSR – Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda

“Very encouraging material! Michael is very passionate about what he does, and obviously feels a sincere need to help others succeed.”
Chandler Forbis, Sales Consultant – Alan Webb Chevrolet

“I appreciate your effort, some things you said I found very insightful, however I don’t feel like it is the right fit for me. To be fair, I was never engaged. As I said, thank you for your time & effort.”
Douglas Clark, Sales Rep. – Dick Hannah Volkswagen Hyundai

“This is my 3rd or 4th time participating in this workshop, but is the most informational and most future based that will help me grow my trade.”
Anthony Cummings, Sales Rep. – Alan Webb Chevrolet

“Good flow! Thanks for slowing down when covering objections. There is a lot going on in that section and the extra time you spent was helpful.”
Ernie Coombes, Sales & Leasing Specialist – Dick Hannah Acura of Portland

“Great job as usual. There is so much great content, I wish there was more time to go over it all.”
Randy May, Sales – Dick’s Auto Group

“I like more one-on-one role playing, use of the consistent closing technique I feel needs more time.”
Stephen Poulsen, Sales – Dick Hannah Volkswagen Hyundai

“Great experience. I left with so much homework; now I need to get started.”
Chris Block, Sales – Dick Hannah Volkswagen Hyundai

“Totally awesome.”
Niles Harrison, Sales Rep. – Alan Webb Auto

“I feel motivated although it is my second language & I am new in the States, but Michael was great & I am sure my career will be enhanced big time by selling more units & more gross per unit by using the new techniques that I learned today.”
Alan Aldujaili, Sales Rep. – Dick Hannah Volkswagen of Portland

“Very good experience. Need more comfortable chairs though!”
Ben Weiner, Sales – Tonkin Acura

“A lot can change in one year, this class updates and grows, and the application makes it easy to take in. Well worth the investment.”
Andrew Grimes, Sales – Town & Country Honda

“Great as always!”
Jeremy de Haven, Fleet Manager – Dick’s Auto Group

“Food was horrible (found a spider).”
Anthony Johnson, Sales – Vancouver Ford

“Very informative and motivating. Gives me a whole new list of selling tools!”
Aubrey Short, Sales – Vancouver Ford

“Thank you! Looking forward to working with you! A+ “Any real professional can improve from this seminar, with the help of a learning mentality” – must have for new sales reps.”
Ethan Schiltz, Sales – Alan Webb Mazda

“It was wonderful.”

“It was good to stay on topics that everyone is clearly afraid to admit they are uncomfortable with.”
Robert Brown, Sales – Tonkin Nissan

“I’m appreciative of the opportunity.”
Alan Bradway, Sales Consultant – Tonkin Fiat

“I learned a lot. Very impressed and will definitely take advantage of this training opportunity in the future.”
Jake Dayley, Sales – Vancouver Ford

“It was a good refresher & I liked the new stuff on social media.”
Jordan Casner, Sales – Tonkin Fiat