Attendee Comments – October 2016 – Portland


“This was AWESOME!!! I am excited to become a master car salesperson and advance in my field! I will definitely be back for more.”
Elijah A. Ryder, Sales Consultant – Vancouver Auto Group

“Michael’s a stud. He truly brings valuable real world experience to the table.”
Mark Yager, Salesperson – Vancouver Ford

“It was awesome! I’d love to get introduced to a 40 car club member.”
Vitaliy Kolyvanov, Automotive Sales – Courtesy Ford

“Very boring, not worth the money.”

“I was reluctant about signing up for this workshop again, however, a 1 on 1 talk with Michael at my dealership allowed me to get an idea of what I can re-learn and re-apply for personal sales growth.”
Tyler Chang, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Great ideas and a great experience!”
Joey Hoffman, Sales Associate – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“Great learning material and very useful information.”
Oscar Prieto, Sales – Lithia Subaru of Oregon City

“It was really great and informative.”
Saad Chahin, Sales – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“Awesome! Thank you!”
Trisha Blincoe, Sales Person – Vancouver Auto Group

“The entire program was great! It was very helpful to me.”
Ricardo Canchola, Sales Consultant – Vancouver Hyundai

“I am very grateful for the experience and training I received today. I did not receive any training about method or effective tools to sell when I started. Thank you! This was very valuable.”
Stacy McClellan, Sales – Vancouver Hyundai