Attendee Comments – October 2016 EDF- Portland


“Just as awesome as the workshop I attended (yours) yesterday. Thank you so much. Your strategies will help me tremendously.”
Stacy McClellan, Sales – Vancouver Hyundai

“This training is going to explode my business!!”
Mark Yarger, Salesperson – Vancouver Ford

“I feel that I can really take what was discussed and apply it to take myself closer and closer to the 20, 30, and 40 car club! This is a success workshop! Thank you, Michael!”
Alexander Wiswall, Subaru Salesman – Lithia Subaru of Oregon City

“I hate cauliflower and broccoli.”

“Current content, excellent updates, thanks!”
Kenny Shonk, Sales Professional – Gresham Toyota

“Great presentation. This is not my first time to see this info but refreshed my commitment and I will adjust my process. It is a great reminder and I appreciate the ability to meet other professionals and network with other sales people about this. I thought, however, there was a lot of seat time. My butt got numb.”
Randy May, Sales – Dick’s Auto Group

“A good time, as always! Michael is definitely staying current!”
Alan Bradway, Brand Specialist – Tonkin Fiat

“This was my first time attending and I will be coming back and asking for more help.”
Thomas George, Sales – Dick Hannah Kia

“This program was very helpful. Thanks, Michael!”
Ricardo Canchola, Sales Consultant – Vancouver Auto Group

“Want to know how to do videos.”
Dan Mason, Sales – Courtesy Ford

“Very informative with lots of useful tools and ideas.”
Lucas Davidson, Sales – Dick Hanna Kia

“Nice flow. I would like to attend with a more interactive group though. Great chance to network with other regional pros.”
Antonio Tydingco, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Courtesy Ford/Lincoln

“Great material! I can’t wait to set up my online presence right away and build my personal brand.”
Elijah A. Ryder, Sales Consultant – Vancouver Auto Group

“The whole presentation had a good flow. The lunch room was way too cold. I enjoyed the list of ideas like ‘This vehicle was sold by’ stickers.”
Ernie Coombes, Sales – Vancouver Hyundai