Attendee Comments – March ’13 – Boise

“This is my 5th year attending The Professional’s One Day Workshop. Each year it refreshes, renews, and continually informs. Michael delivers timely, up to date ideas and processes to handle today’s customers with insight to changing business models and a process to be ready for the future. I highly recommend Michael’s work to beginners as well as veterans!”
Tim Crowley, Sales Consultant – Edmark Superstore


“I learned a great deal, so much that my head hurts from information overload! I feel much more prepared and equipped to serve my customers, and more than anything, I am inspired to be the best that I can possibly be. Thank you!”
Ivan Suquet, Lot Manager – Edmark


“What a great class! I really like how it relates from car sales to home life and back again. Very useful information in all aspects of life!”
Alyx Sanchez, Internet Sales Associate – Team Mazda/Subaru


“I went to the Grove Hotel first and had to call my manager to ask where the class was. Great content! Michael gave me a lot to think about. I look forward to more training in the future.”
Eric Bettis, Sales – Peterson Chevrolet


“It was a worthwhile day.”
Scott Curtis, Sales – Peterson Chevrolet


“Excellent workshop! Michael was great and the info will help me have much more success.”
Michael McKinley, Sales Consultant – Edmark Chevrolet


“A very interactive event and tailored to each class’s (attendee’s) unique agenda. Mr. Hargrove is a treasure chest of information and is always willing to learn and update his material and techniques. This was well worth the time and money!”
Jason Brown, Salesman – Team Mazda Subaru


“Mr. Hargrove has so many powerful tools to use in retail auto sales it is outstanding! I learned a TON of useful material!”
Mike Ploskonka, Sales Associate – Team Mazda/Subaru


“This presentation was very good, and the information was awesome! A few individuals dominated the conversations with their very specific sales questions/scenarios and it felt like some time was wasted through tons of simple answers to basic selling techniques. It sometimes seemed to get bogged down by basic elementary sales questions. Newbies need to focus on role playing and hammering-in of their own style.”
Zach Skinner, Sales – Tom Scott Toyota


“Michael really knows what he is talking about! I can’t wait for the next workshop!”
Ken Crotz, Sales – Edmark Superstore


“Michael is very engaging. His whit and charm is very becoming of a sales person. I enjoyed his seminar. I loved the closes. I am new to the car industry and this is a huge help!”
Duane Wettstein, Sales Consultant – Edmark Superstore


“I’m new in the business and everything was very helpful.”
Mark Link, Larry H. Miller Chrysler/Dodge


“I had a great learning experience with great people and input. New twists on old topics which opened the doors for better selling. Thank you!”
J.D. Southern, Sales – Edmark Superstore


“Great info and I plan to apply it and study the rest of the info more.”
Todd Durrant, Sales – Edmark


“Mike has been very supportive. He has already taken out of his personal time to work directly with me to put my focus back on track.”
Guy Bracali-Gambino, Sales – Dennis Dillon Fiat


“Great to recharge the memory banks with positive ammo!”
Dale Rowe, Sales – Edmark


Andrew Lofgreen, Sales – Peterson Chevy


“Very helpful for new people.”
Jim Love, Sales – Peterson Chevrolet


“Very good, I’ll be back.”
Joel Grever, Internet Sales – Team Mazda Subaru


“Very helpful and informative. I’m looking forward to the next workshop too!”
Isaac Zamora, Sales Consultant – Edmark Superstore


“After farming for 21 years and now in the auto industry for two years, I truly appreciate the motivational aspect of the workshop for helping me master my craft.”
Craig Clapier, Sales Consultant – Team Mazda/Subaru


“I”m looking forward to ongoing coaching and future interactions.”
Derrick Hayhurst, Sales – Edmark Superstore


“Great! Thank you! I’m looking forward to the closing workshop!”
Jakob Jones, Sales Consultant – Dennis Dillon Nissan


“The overall experience was great. The topics seemed a lot like last year’s but I got way more from it this year.”
Ron Henman, Sales – Dennis Dillon Nissan


“The interaction between coach and students was like a one on one experience!”
Jose Gutierrez, Sales – Edmark Superstore


“Third time at this training event, it was awesome!”
Bill Blazek, Sales – Edmark Superstore


“A lot to process and practice! Thanks!”
Jonathan McConaughey, Sales Consultant – Peterson Chevrolet/Cadillac/Buick