Attendee Comments – February 2018 – Fresno


“The best part had nothing to do with Auto Sales. It was the success in general advice for daily habits!”
Charles Mahafferty, Sales – Future Ford of Clovis

“Michael kept us all engaged despite all the information that was provided! He’s very knowledgeable and helped me become more confident with my approach with customers, family, and myself.”
Stephen Jurovich, Sales Consultant – Merced Toyota

“We really benefitted from the new way the material was filtered through the psychological. Your brain is blank when going too fast, going faster than the material. Differentiate between your talk tracks and the talk tracks you’re covering from the workbook (pages). I really liked the new facility. The meals were good but the seating not so much. Did the food make people lose focus for a bit?”
Ed Monson, Internet Sales – Lithia Subaru of Fresno

“I thought and was expecting Michael to provide and help us be different. All the information or most of the information presented in the 6 hour workshop was presented in 45 minutes the day that he went to our dealership. I believe and hope that most of the valuable information is going to be online or through the website. For the price that he offered the workshop, I’m not completely satisfied 100%. However, I would use all of the tools that we obtained today to become a better sales consultant.”
Daniel Juarez, Sales – Clawson Honda

“I learned a lot about life and future endeavors. It was very nice to have someone to show us things and approaches we never think about before it is too late.”
Robert Grizzell, Automotive Sales – Clawson Honda of Fresno

“It was great! As a newer salesperson, I’m excited to put all of these thoughts and ideas to use in my everyday life.”
Danielle Haacke, Sales Professional – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“It really helps me to refresh the info and apply it to myself at my job.”
Ramiro Gonzalez, Sales Consultant – Merced Toyota

Clayton Riba, Sales – Clawson Motorsports

“Michael was very knowledgeable and gave m new ways to look at eh car sales process. He has given me tools to succeed.”
Theo Knittel, Salesperson – Clawson Honda

“Chairs were uncomfortable.”
Cristian Pantoja, Sales – Clawson Honda

“Michael is always great!! Wonderful new material and presentation.”
Curt Cowling, Internet & Special Finance Sales Manager – Honda North

“The room wasn’t too cold or too hot. The food was good. The workshop was good. The chairs were uncomfortable.”
Ivan Castellon, Sales Consultant – Merced Toyota

“What a great experience! I learned many new ways to overcome objections.”
Mitchel Lo, VUP – Clawson Honda

“Much better than last year; registration and facility were much more professional. Only bad thing was the use of the “D” word, not professional at all!”
Velma Santiago, Sales – Honda North

“It was good.”
Pedro Aldaz, Sales – Lithia Ford of Fresno

“Seating was tight and awkward but besides that, everything else was great!”
Rhiannon Maloney, VIP Manager – Honda North

“As for the room temp, I never said anything! But overall, a super great learning experience!”
Diamond Robles, BDC Coordinator – Clawson Honda of Fresno

“This was Great!!!”
Eric R. Rodriguez, Sales Consultant – Lithia Ford

“Great experience and very informative. I loved the amount of enthusiasm projected by the coach. Seats were not that comfy for this long of a session.”
Anatolio Avalos, Salesperson – Honda North

“It was great!”
Stefani Lopez, BDC Sales Rep – Clawson Honda of Fresno

“I learned a lot! Thanks!”
Mercedes Diaz, Sales – Clawson Honda