Attendee Comments – February ’18 TSS – Fresno

“Michael is very knowledgeable. I love how he always keeps us involved in the workshop and asks if we have more questions before moving on.”
Stefani Lopez, BDC Sales – Clawson Honda of Fresno

“I thought this was great. I learned a lot andwould love to attend more training events.”
Rebecca Clark, BDC Manager – Lithia Ford/Lincoln of Fresno

“I appreciate the time! I definitely practiced some different way to overcome objections which is exactly what I came for!”
Chavonne Maileoi, F&I manager – Clawson Motorsports

“Lots of very useful information, and video training. Will be using with my customers from now on incorporating it into my daily follow up.”
Saira Cardenas, Sales – Merced Toyota

“I really enjoyed this training class and I definitely intend to implement it in my daily tasks with my customers.”
Ramiro Gonzalez, Sales Consultant – Merced Toyota

“This workshop content was fast, easy, and simple. The trainer was awesome! I loved the reps, great for practice and brain training. The room was overly cold though.”
Desra Vargas, BDC Coordinator – Clawson Honda of Fresno

“Awesome new content, Michael!! The digital aspect is SO important now and I’m glad we went over it again this year. I will be able to utilize it even more now!”
Curt Cowling, Internet and Special Finance – Honda North

“Great! I missed much of the morning due to an appointment, but it was a good experience.”
Velma Santiago, Sales – Honda North

“Great refresher, and video is the future! Thanks, Michael!”
Ed Moraga, Sales – Future Ford