Attendee Comments – February 2017 EDF – Fresno


“Some of the videos were the same as last year but I was the only one that noticed since most of the room were new. This course changed my life and profession. I went from a 12 car guy to a 20+ car guy in less than a year.”
Jeffrey Himes, Internet Sales Manager – Selma Honda

“This opened my eyes to an entire new way of filling my pipeline with leads. Maximizing the most out of my day at work. I feel enlightened!”
Abraham Arias, Sales – Honda North

“Great info! I can’t wait to apply all this info at my dealership.”
Ramiro Gonzalez, Sales Consultant – Merced Toyota

“Michael is very thorough, and has a great sense of humor. He makes sure that we find our own voice and has great tips on being successful in our positions. Great examples on every subject asked. He is a very knowledgeable man!! I loved it.”
Ashley Johnson, BDC Rep. – Selma Auto Mall

“(This was a) Very enlightening approach to social selling!”
Cory Knoblauch, Floor Manager – Future Ford of Fresno

“Lots of great information!! Highly recommended!”
David Dansby, BDC Manager – Future Ford of Fresno

“Michael is passionate and knowledgeable in this subject. Really comes across for the salesman.”
Nick Delgado, Sales Associate – Clawson Motorsports

“Loved it – Lots of great info!!”
Akram Ahmad, Internet Manager – Merced Toyota

“I’m a big guy and seating was a little tight. The food wasn’t good but the training was awesome! You must come and listen.”
Ashton Lovelace, Sales – Honda North

“It was my first time in this workshop. I feel it was very helpful and will help me expand my career. Michael was funny and explained very thoroughly and simply. I would most definitely come to this class again.”
Hannah K. Miller, BDC Rep. – Selma Auto Mall

“I am an old school car guy. I know I need to make a change to get to 30+ cars. Unfortunately, I am not social media savvy. Today has helped me so much! I feel it will be no time before I am that 30+ per month car guy.”
Greg Renwick, Internet Manager – Merced Toyota

“INSPIRING! Thank you!”
Andreas Kipping, Sales – Michael Toyota

“The trend is your friend! If you want a piece of the social media pie, this is a must attend!”
Grant Harrington, Sales – Hedrick’s Chevrolet

“Great info.”
Daniel Sotero, Sales Consultant – Ron Smith Buick/GMC

“Very informative. A lot of pointers. I am looking forward to putting these techniques to work and eager to get started with digital marketing.”
Spencer Paul, Sales – Fresno Acura

“I learned more today than at yesterday’s workshop but I had less knowledge about the stuff today than yesterday. Today’s workshop was fun and I did get a lot of usable info.”
Jason Graham, Sales Consultant – Selma Auto Mall

“I had a great time with Michael. He gave me inspiration to make long term relationships with all of my customers using social media. Awesome sauce!”
Troy Verdialez, Internet Sales – Michael Automotive

“Once again, Michael was phenomenal! He got me super excited to go bak to work and start implementing all the skill and techniques he provided on creating and expanding my digital footprint.”
Taylor Farris, Sales Associate – Merced Toyota

“Awesome time well spent! I learned a lot about being a unique car sales woman! Thank you, Michael.”
Kiauna Conger, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Honda North of Clovis

“Michael, thank you for today. A wealth of information. Very useful.”
David Cox, Sales Manager – Selma Auto Mall

“Not only did I have a Disneyland experience, I’m taking portions of what was taught and creating a nine-headed monster! Sometimes if Johnny can’t read it’s that the teacher is not a good teacher. But you are!”
Jorge Garcia, Champ – Hedrick’s Chevrolet