Attendee Comments – August ’01 – Olympia

“I enjoyed the surprise of not just a seminar for car sales, but for life as well! Thank you for the reminder that there is much more to life.”
Matt Barnes, Sales – Osborne-McCann

“I believe that the positive thought (process) will get positive things.”
Sammyd Settlemoir, Sales – Korum Motors

“This was a GREAT learning tool for myself. Michael has helped me a great deal in taking steps towards being a great client advisor.”
Tony Dohren, Client Advisor – Rasmussen BMW

“I truly enjoyed being here.”
Victor Yern, Salesperson – Korum Ford

“I think a lot of the stuff covered will not only affect my job but my entire life forever.”
Ted Seibor, Sales – Korum Motors

“This was a great experience and a very valuable tool to have. I can’t wait to start using what I have learned and I am going to continue to learn. I want to share this information with my co-workers that were unable to attend.”
Lori Fussell, Sales – Korum Motors

“WOW! Extremely helpful information. Not only to become a more successful at work but also at home and the rest of our lives.”
Scott P. Orem, Director of Motor Sports Sales – Rasmussen BMW

“What an awesome experience. I did not once take my eyes off of the speaker. I was in total awe of what Michael had to say.”
Randy C. Elkin,
Sales – Korum Motors Fife