15 Techniques When Dealing With Customers

by Michael B. Wasserman (GM at Hyundai of Tempe)

(1) Remember…you’re in the PEOPLE WORK business not the paper work business.
(2) Make your customers (shoppers) feel important. They’re essential to your business.
(3) Greet every person that walks through your doors immediately. Make strangers feel as welcome as regular customers.
(4) Say “How may I help you?” or “How may I be of service?” rather than “Can I help you?.”..or even worse…”Did you want some help?”
(5) The customer always comes first when it comes to your job priorities. A customer takes precedence over talking to other employees, arranging the lot or paperwork.
(6) Don’t talk “shop” business in front of customers. Don’t take or make personal phone calls when you’re serving a customer or when customers are in the immediate area. Don’t talk around or over the top of customer’s heads.
(7) Accompany people to the right area or department rather than merely pointing and saying “It’s over there.”
(8) When speaking to anyone about credit problems or any difficulty, politely take them away from the area of other customers to speak with them in a non-public area.
(9) Use more creative wording than the tired phrase “Have a nice day!” Be more than a robot with your speech.
(10) Make the leaving as pleasant as the greeting. Always say “Thank you. Please come back and see us again.” or “We appreciate your business.”
(11) Send Thank-You notes for purchases and future business.
(12) Ask that they call you if everything did not meet their satisfaction. You want then to tell you, not 10 other people.
(13) Make follow-up calls after the sale. Answer any unanswered questions. This is the time you can correct any problems.
(14) Put on your “customer glasses.” Look at all aspects of your business front the perspective your customer sees. What can you do to improve it?
(15) Be easily accessible for those with physical limitations.