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February 2022


This Month’s Selling Principle:

For those of you who are new subscribers, last month I shared that we get a lot of stories and articles submitted to us for consideration, and as a rule with virtually all of them, we have taken care to make sure their sources are written clearly on each of them, just in case they get used on our website or in this newsletter.

I am ashamed to admit that this month’s article, as well as last month’s, is that rare exception to that rule. I suspect they were submitted by the same person because they are written in the same font and were paper clipped together but I can’t say for sure. So, if YOU were the kind soul that shared these two great articles with us, and you’d like to get some credit for it, please let one of us here know and we’ll see to it. And even if you don’t want any credit, let me know so I can show you my gratitude again. I hope you enjoy this.


Ten Tips on Attitude

1) Take the blame and the credit for your position in life honestly and openly.

2) Use this volition of “I’ve decided to,” in place of the compulsion “I have to.” Use “I’m more comfortable doing this,” in place of “I’m afraid to do that,” the inhibition, as a condition for non-participation.

3) Carry the affirmative motto: “My rewards in life will reflect my service and my contribution,” with you in every daily transaction.

4) Learn how to relax mentally and physically! Use exercise, reading, walking, or quiet time instead of external stimulants and depressants.

5) Set a specific time frame each week, preferably each day, to initiate action calls or letters on your own behalf. Don’t wait for invitations to success, you’ll go into the Loser’s Hall of Fame as one of those almost-made-its with “permanent potential.” GO FOR IT! If someone hasn’t responded to your letter or call after a week, send a follow up mail-o-gram, call or go see them in person. If there is still no response, take an alternate approach.

6) Remember “Action TNT” which is action today not tomorrow. Carry this motto around with you and make it a part of your lifestyle. Handle each piece of incoming mail only once. Return phone calls as quickly as possible.

7) Sit down and write you best horoscope on paper. List the positive alternatives to habits that you seriously want to change. Seek out authorities with proven track records of success after whom to model your winning habits.

8) For the next 30 days, go all out in your current job. Dedicate yourself just for one month, not for a lifetime, to giving maximum effort to your job, your company, your routine, and your service to others. At the end of that time, I think you’ll find yourself renewing your dedication for another month.

9) Invest in your own knowledge and skill development. Since the only real security is the kind that’s inside each of us, practice what Ben Franklin wrote: “If an individual empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him.” Seminars, workshops, books, CDs – take charge.

10) Set your alarm clock a half-hour early tomorrow and leave it at the earlier setting. Use this extra half-hour of your life to wake up and live. Use this time to answer the question: How can I best spend the time today on priorities that are important to me?
So, until next time, be well, and do good work!
Michael D. Hargrove

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“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.”
W. Somerset Maugham

Objection of the Month: “We need to shop other cars first.”
These are just a few of the most common strategies shared at the workshops we’ve conducted all across North America and attended by thousands of the top sales people in our field. Please keep in mind that nothing works all the time, and no one thing will work for everybody. Each of these strategies, of course, need to be tailored to the individual user, to the specific customer, and the particular situation. Also, this is by no means the definitive work on overcoming this particular objection and it’s not intended to be.

a. “What other cars do you need to shop? (Let’s assume they tell us the Accord and the Maxima.) Have you pretty much narrowed it down to our car, the Accord, and the Maxima?” (Wait for their response, then say,) “Well, then, good news! (Pause) You can’t make a bad decision. All three of those cars will give you the __________ and the ____________that you’ve told me was important to you, and all three of them are hands down reliable. They all should give you many years of trouble free service, so you can’t mess up. Look, Ms. Customer, I know you weren’t expecting to do business with us today, and that’s okay, but c’mon in and let me give you a basic idea of the numbers. That way you can make an intelligent decision. That makes sense, doesn’t it?”

b. “So you’ve got other cars to compare ours with. Then may I ask you a question? What were you hoping to find in those other cars that you’re not getting from ours?”

c. “You’ve found the right car, in the right color, with all the right equipment, and at the premiere dealership in the city, and it’s in the general price range you were hoping for. Tell me, Mr. Customer, have you ever lost your keys?” (Or we can use “the remote” or simply the word “something”. We wait for their response, then ask,) “Remember what that was like? Searching frantically all around the house, under sofas, in drawers, under pillows, remember how that felt?” (Wait for their response, and continue,) “THEN…you finally find them. Whew! Remember how that felt? (Give a big sigh and act relieved. Wait for their response, then ask,) Let me ask you, after you find them, do you keep looking?” (They usually say “No”.) “Well, sir, what are you thinking about doing here? You know you like it, so why don’t you just go ahead and get it”.

d. “What other cars were you thinking about shopping? Great. Follow me, I’ve got some comparison guides inside that should prove very helpful to you.”

e. “What other cars were you thinking about shopping? Great. Follow me to the previously owned section of our dealership and let’s do some side by side comparisons.”

f. “What other cars were you thinking about shopping? Great. I’m very familiar with all three of those competitors, very worthy competitors too, I may add. Allow me to share with you some of our products strengths AND weaknesses compared to those you’ve just mentioned, it may save you some time.”

Next month’s objection will be: “How much discount can I get?” We need YOUR input! Please forward your ideas on this one, or your suggestions on which objection to cover next, to [email protected].


“I only play well when I’m prepared. If I don’t practice the way I should, then I won’t play the way I know I can.”
Ivan Lendl


On Success:

How Many Points Would you Score?

by Catherine Pulsifer

We sat around the table trying to decide who was the best candidate for the job. Mary felt Sam should get the job. “Just look at his education,” she said to Mark and I. “Based on his resume, he has the knowledge to do the job”.

“But Mary look at Ellen. Her references said she is a hard worker, and, from the interview, you could tell she works hard. That is what we need here. Someone who is not afraid of a lot of work,” exclaimed Mark.

I sat and listened to Mark and Mary debate over who was the best candidate for the job. Then they turned to me and said, “What do you think Kate? Is it knowledge or is it a hard worker we need for this job?”

“Both are important but there is one thing you are both missing,” I said. They both looked at me like I was crazy. I explained by saying, “Knowledge is certainly important, but knowledge can be learned. And working hard is important. But if a person just works hard but they fail to see things that could be improved or fail to see a smarter way to work rather than just working and working, than that won’t help us.”

I could tell by the look on their faces that they wished they had not asked me to sit on this interview. We had been interviewing for 3 days now and they had narrowed it down to the two candidates that we were discussing. Now, here I am saying that it was neither of these candidates!

“I think Ruth would be the best candidate for the job.” They looked at each other, but I held up my hand in protest and said, “Hear me out before you say anything. My reason for picking Ruth is because of her attitude.”

“Attitude”, both Mary and Mark said at the same time! “Yes, attitude,” I replied.

“Let me explain. Ruth has good education credentials, and I agree that her credentials are not as good as Sam’s. And Ruth’s answers to the interview questions showed she would look for ways to improve how she performs a job rather than just working and working. The one thing that impressed me the most was her attitude. From the reference checks, it confirms that she has a positive attitude and influences those around her. We need someone who can look at how and what we are doing, someone who will question the why and someone who will look for solutions.”

I could see that Mark agreed with my thinking, but Mary was still impressed with Sam’s education. “Mary, you can teach anyone the theory, but you can not teach someone the right attitude.” Mary sat for a minute and thought about this. Finally, she replied, “You know Kate listening to you reminds me of my grandmother. She once showed me something that I had forgotten about. As you were talking, it flashed in my mind. Let me share my grandmothers way of thinking with you.”

She stood up and went to the flipchart, and start writing the alphabet. Mark and I exchanged looks but let Mary continue.

She explained, “If you numbered the alphabet it would look like this.”

She then proceeded to write on the flip chart,

1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9..10..11..12. 13…14…15

She continued to write on the flip chart:
K = 11
N = 14
O = 15
W = 23
L = 12
E = 5
D = 4
G = 7
E = 5
Total 96 points

H = 8
A = 1
R = 18
D = 4
W = 23
O = 15
R = 18
K = 11
Total 98 points

A = 1
T = 20
T = 20
I = 9
T = 20
U = 21
D = 4
E = 5
Total 100 points

I was surprised when she was finished. I had never seen this done before. I suddenly realized I no longer had to explain to Mary the importance of attitude; her grandmother had done that for me. We all laughed and all agreed that Ruth was the successful candidate for the job!

You can work hard, you can have excellent educational credentials, but how many points would your attitude score?

“He who reigns within himself, and rules passions, desires, and fears, is more than a king.”
John Milton (1608-1674)


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Victor Bravo, Client Advisor – Lithia Subaru

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Cristobal Zepeda, Sales Consultant – Lithia Ford Lincoln of Fresno


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