Attendee Comments – October 2015 EDF – Portland


“This was the most informative class I have ever taken. Worth every penny and I plan to attend annually as well as learn from Michael every chance I get.”
Mike Kienholz, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I was not going to attend, but came in anyway and I am happy for coming! I learned a lot. I have never sold cars in my life before the last 5 months. I was given the opportunity. I was just selling but now I want to make a career of it.”
Anthony Pelpola, Sales Associate – Dick’s Hillsboro Honda

“Second workshop, still great!”
Andrew Bruce, Sales Consultant – Armstrong VW

“This could change my whole approach and focus!”
Greg Campbell, Sales – Mercedes-Benz of Beaverton

“I loved this workshop! I am heading back to my dealership with a new found determination to use all of the social media tools that I already use in my personal life to revitalize my work results! Thank you, Michael!
Karissa Glavan, Sales – Dick’s Auto Group

“I chose to be at the digital footprint workshop to assist my sales via social media. I definitely have my work cut out for me in order to have more sales coming from this sector.”
Tyler Chang, Sales Associate – Dick’s Auto Group

“Great training. It expanded my view tremendously. I am 21 years old, and realized I am not on social media as much as I should be. I’m looking forward to the year of one on one coaching, and to see how much I can grow.”
Alexander Bergen, Sales Adviser – T&C Honda

“Great info!”
Carl Schnaufer IV, Internet Sales Manager – Toyota of Gladstone

“Michael was very thorough and caters to everyone.”
Ryan Towery, Sales Associate – Acura Portland

“The timing of the breaks were perfect. The content was a good mix of new ideas and older proven ones. It was nice to have a workshop period where we were instructed on how to implement these new ideas using our devices.”
Ernie Coombes, Sales+Leasing Specialist – Acura of Portland

“I love these training courses. This is the second one that I have come to and there are always things that I put to work right away! It is super cool to have Michael as a one on one coach that can be reached at anytime and calls back right away!”
Kermit Steward, Internet Sales – Toyota/Scion of Gladstone

“Very useful content. Thanks.”
Brian Purnell, Sales Associate – T&C Honda

“So much content! I will be contacting you to help organize it all. Very good class.”
Matt Taylor, Internet Sales Manager – Gladstone Toyota

“A lot of information in a short amount of time. Follow up is definitely going to be required! Thank you!”
Nate Hayes, Internet Sales Manager – Toyota/Scion of Gladstone

Sam Nejad, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Beaverton