Attendee Comments – Oct. ’12 – Portland

“This was a great experience that provided lots of information useful for work.”
Ivo Stoyanov, Sales – Town & Country Chevrolet


“It’s wonderful for a newbie and the seasoned veteran.”


“I thought you did a fantastic job today. It was a tough class since it was so small. I think active listening is so important it at least needs a plug and the same goes for the state  management and emotions module.”
Randy May, Sales – Dick’s Auto Group


“If you want to be a better salesman this is a must! It has worked for me and all that I know who has been through it. Attending is one of the best things you can do for veterans and beginners alike.”
Scott Driessen, Sales – Courtesy Ford


“I appreciate the applicability of techniques specific to F&I. I would consider a seminar focused solely for the F&I Manager”
Kem Roos, F&I Director – Ron Tonkin Acura


“It was very informative and interesting. It was well worth the investment.”
Richard Duncan, Sales Associate – Town & Country Hyundai


“I have been to a training workshop a year ago and did not receive much benefit. This time was much different because I asked questions and was engaged. You get what you put in. This is a great program if you really participate. Mr. Hargrove was great.”
Michael Manning, Sales Consultant – Dick’s Country Dodge Hillsboro


“It was a great experience. Real workplace issues were discussed. Michael asked us 10-15 real issues we have. We then discussed those issues and then solved or found ways to solve those issues.”
Ben Weiner, Sales – Ron Tonkin Acura


Scott Sprout, Salesperson – MacKenzie Ford


“Hargrove is awesome! This has been a wonderful experience!”
John Foster, Internet Sales – Dick’s Auto Group


“Love the jumping around format. We salespeople have A.D.D.!”


Bill Huff, Sales – MacKenzie Ford


“I’m a greenhorn and this had a lot of content!”
Bob Schultz, Sales – Town & Country Honda


“He had very good interaction and responses to the many and varied participants wants, needs, and questions. I keep coming back because it is a new experience and I get new information every time. It is also a great reminder and call to action to keep following the steps to the sale that I already know and should be doing.”
Gavin B. Mardis Jr., Internet Manager – Town & Country Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge of Wilsonville


“This was very helpful. In class presence was very enjoyable.”
Jeremy Laughlin, Sales – Town & Country Honda


“I would have been okay with a longer session. However, I’m looking forward to making use of the coaching services.”
Steve Ferraro, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Courtesy Ford


“It is always refreshing, entertaining, and useful.”
Mike Percival, Sales Consultant – Lexus of Portland


“This meets various levels of people’s selling styles and tailored to how we as sales people understand (the business).”
Eric Ramirez, Sales – Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan