Attendee Comments – May 2017 – Tacoma

“Great experience and enthusiasm. I’m happy that you have an ever expanding, ever-changing, program in a market that parallels the same.”
Bryan Therrien, Salesperson – Titus-Will Toyota

“So very helpful! Thank you, Michael for taking the time on sharing and coaching on such great and useful topics. I’m excited to see where this helps me excel.”
Kala Wallinger, Sales – Larson Audi of Tacoma

“A lot of great information. It feels great sharpening my skill set.”
Matt Rutledge, Sales – South Tacoma Auto

“An overall great presentation. It was very informative and effective.”
Zachary Lee, Sales Pro – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Michael is a great mentor. I’m looking forward to learning more form him this year.”
Skyler Standafer, Sales Professional – Larson Porsche/Audi of Tacoma

“Very informative!”
Kevin Washington, Sales – Audi of Tacoma

“It was very informative. I learned quite a bit more than I thought I would.”
Lamar Williams, Porsche Sales Professional – Porsche of Tacoma

“Excellent training and great content. Not so great location but luckily that wasn’t te point.”
Alec Garrison, Sales – Audi of Tacoma

“There was too much side conversation and it felt like a review for most. Really learned the powerful greeting after 7 hour course.”
Aiden Suh, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“I had a very enjoyable experience. All of my questions were answered and answered in depth.”
Dominic Vargas, Sales Associate – Titus-Will Toyota

“So Much information!! We need two days not just one!! One day isn’t enough for all this info.”
Kimberly Fiesta, Sales & Leasing – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Great lessons. I will use this in my work.”
Yergeniy Fedorats, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura

“Enlightening! Full of energetic facts and scenarios to relate to.”
Merlinda Genson, Sales & Leasing – Hinshaw’s Honda