Attendee Comments – May 2017 EDF – Lynnwood

“Thank you for introducing and teaching us about these platforms! I’m so glad you came to our dealership. What a game changer and the potential is endless! Everyone who starts any business needs to incorporate these tools in their marketing.”
Catherine Lee, Sales – Hyundai of Kirkland

“Great workshop!” Extremely pragmatic and useful info that can be implemented immediately!!”
Xavier Ortega, Sales

“I had about 20+ “ah ha” moments today! I’m excited and a bit scared.”
Amanda Nowak, Internet Sales – CDJR of Seattle

“Michael’s class was great and I’m glad I finally was able to attend. I have been a mediocre car guy for a few years and realized the guys who were beating me were guys that were doing much more. Thanks again!”
Robert Herrington, Sales – Chevrolet of Everett

“I loved this training and it got my creative juices pumping!! I can’t wait to get started on my branding. My team is going to love the information I am going to bring to them.”
Valarie Moore, Internet Sales – Harnish Auto Family

“Very helpful, a lot of great tips and man things that I am going to use.”
Shay Hochstein, Sales Consultant – Jet Chevrolet

“Maybe separate classes for starters and another for those who are ahead of them.”
Lee Fears, Product Specialist – Burien Toyota

“This was a great eye opening experience!”
Andrew McDougall, Internet Sales – Titus Will Toyota

“GREAT! I can’t wait to start using all of this.”
Joseph Coghill, Sales – Chevy/Buick/GMC of Puyallup

“I learned effective techniques to propel my dreams and goals in a more visionary way.”

“This was very informative!”
Saeng Chao, Product Specialist – Burien Toyota

“Great workshop again, Michael! I always enjoy spending time with you.”
Elliott Richards, Sales – Hyundai of Seattle