Attendee Comments – March `96 – Birmingham

“I have learned to better overcome objections and a lot of different types of selling techniques. I thought the seminar was great and Michael really cares about the people that attend his seminars. I would like to attend another seminar. I thought it was very inspirational. I’ve only attended very few seminars but this one is by far the best one yet.”
Scott McWhorter – Sales, Midfield Dodge

“It was great and looking forward to the next workshop. Instructor is the greatest that I’ve ever attended. Michael, you’re great and I pray God will continue to bless your knowledge and your strength. Good luck and thanks.”
Vincent E. Fluker – Sales, Midfield Dodge

“In a business full of `how-to-hard-sell’ Mr. Hargrove’s more cerebral approach to controlling your emotions is a breath of fresh air.”
Michael R. Lowley – Sales, Med Center Mazda

“Of all the workshops I’ve attended, Michael was able to refresh my memory of the basic principles, but also provided fresh innovative (to me at least) ideas to enable me to sell in the 90’s.”
Charles F. Locke – Sales Associate, Crown Pontiac/Nissan

“A truly terrific experience.”
Jeffrey Lee Adams – Sales, Picklesimer-Limbaugh Ford

“Michael helped me rekindle some of the passion I had when I first got in this business. As far as a positive outlook towards myself, my trade, and my life, it pumped a breath of fresh air in my attitude.”
Tom Chambers – General Sales Manager, King Acura

“I have given a lot of thought to what you said today. I will become the person and the salesperson that you talk about in the workshop. Hard work will conquer all.”
Sedan Angry – Sales, Midfield Dodge

“Being able to exchange usable ideas with my peers in our market was an invaluable experience. Let’s do it again soon.”
Stewart Gragg – Salesman, Picklesimer-Limbaugh Ford

“Jerry, I am already a very successful person in automobile sales and have been to several workshops. I have picked up so many valuable points with all my peers and role plays in this one. You have really got yourself a big asset with Michael. He’s great. He’s modern and he cares. That is so important in the sales world today. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a workshop as much.”
Linda Finch – Sales, Picklesimer-Limbaugh Ford/Mercury

“Good material.”
Dennis Montgomery – Sales Manager, Picklesimer-Limbaugh Ford

“Great emotionally uplifting seminar, for life as well as work.”
Skip Luck – Assistant Sales Manager, King Acura

“Michael has a unique approach which transcends so much more than the car business that it was quite refreshing.”
Patrick Donlevy – Sales Manager, Midfield Dodge

“I learned that it’s not what you know that makes you smart. It’s what you don’t know and are willing to learn that does. An I learned a lot today from Michael.”
Gerald Pippen – Sales Manager, Midfield Dodge

“Very rewarding. My first training seminar in the auto business an it was excellent. I would be interested in attending this workshop again.”
Robert McGrady – Sales, Picklesimer-Limbaugh

“Very enjoyable-can’t help but help! Michael is one of the best I’ve ever heard.”
Mike Murray – Sales, Premiere Chevrolet

Joe Merchant – Sales, Crown Pontiac

“If I can role play with my peers and feel in control and just a little uncomfortable I will be able to control my focus with my customers and have fun.”
Sonny Backus – Sales, King Acura

“The workshop was very helpful.”
April Montgomery – Sales, Limbaugh Toyota

“Very informative.”
John Welsh – Sales, Limbaugh Toyota

“Different and good.”
Derrick Lovelace – Sales, Serra Mitsubishi

“It was motivating, very informative.”
Kenn White – Sales, Picklesimer-Limbaugh Ford

“I need to hear Michael more! Very happy I attended. I will follow up with Michael & Jerry.”
Wayne Clark