Attendee Comments – March 2020 – Boise


“Given the quarantine coming, I will have a lot of homework and time to perfect my craft, and a lot of materials to facilitate that. Thanks!”
Michael Karel, Sales Consultant – Peterson Chevrolet

“This was what I’ve been looking for for a long time; it’s not about the dealership, it’s about the salesperson!”
Elliott Pleasant, Salesman – Dennis Dillon Mazda/Kia (currently laid-off)

“The venue was run down and dirty. Would be nicer with a more comfortable and clean place.”
James Brandner, Salesman – Peterson, Chevrolet

“I had a fantastic time! Michael is a fantastic and inventive instructor.”
Art Orihuela, Sales Specialist – Edmark Toyota

“It was GREAT! I wish we could have had a little more time for more of the training.”
Enoc Avila, Sales – Dennis Dillon

“Michael was great, very helpful, and I hope to continue this relationship. Thank you!”
Matt Wheeler, Sales Consultant – Dennis Dillon Mazda/Kia

“I love that Michael is passionate about out craft and his training.”
Jake McArthur, Lexus Sales – Peterson Lexus

“Michael was AMAZING!! I absolutely feel with a few of the skills learned in this class, coupled with my determination, we will make great things happen in the next 12 months.”
Sean Rosado, Sales – Dennis Dillon Mazda

“The class was great. The information provided was great. The presentation was great. The food was terrible, breakfast was cheap, and lunch was bad.”
John Martin, Sales Consultant – Edmark Toyota

“I learned a lot today, especially about how to handle objections, and how to use video in automotive.”
Jeremy Hubble, Sales Consultant – Dennis Dillon Mazda/Kia