Attendee Comments – March 2017 – Boise


“A+++ So many excellent points on overcoming objections and getting the customer to commit to the entire process.”
Ray Knowles, Sales Consultant – Tom Scott Toyota

“I took in a lot of useful information. This was very up to date for the current market and how to interact with today’s customer.”
Travis Waggaman, Sales Consultant – Tom Scott Toyota

“Awesome presentation! Good info and workbook. Very nice pace. Okay location, maybe closer to central but still good. Good enthusiasm.”
Joseph Jensen, Sales – Peterson Lexus

“Good material, and a great presentation! I’m very pleased and very satisfied!”
David De La Cruz, Sales Consultant – Team Mazda Subaru

“This training is more applicable to my sales personality type than Joe Verde. This was very very helpful!”
Nicole Grabe, Sales Associate – Lyle Pearson Auto Show

“Michael is very real and gives us real world responses to the questions and objections we actually deal with.”
Jason Bernier, Senior Sales – Lyle Pearson Auto Group

“Very insightful, short, sweet, direct.”
Tera Smith, Internet Sales – Team Mazda Subaru