Attendee Comments – July ’19 – Lynnwood


“What a great experience! I loved the psychological aspect of this class; use your mind to connect with your customer.”
Peter Rowberry, Internet Sales Manager – Ford of Kirkland

“I learned a lot about the power of persuasion and how to control the sales process using psychology and skillful questioning.”
Kathy Andersen, Sales Consultant – Sandberg Volvo

“I always appreciate Michael’s obvious hard work, diligence, and passion that goes into serving and building us up! I would also love to see this training in a slide show presentation format or video on your website for reviewing purposes.”
Winston Felix, Sales & Leasing – Sandberg Volvo Cars

“Great info and training! Being new, I believe I have received lots of great info to help me starting out. Thank you!”
Jane Ronngren, Sales/easing Consultant – Lexus of Tacoma

“I learned a lot from this training session that will help with my future in sales.”
Gy Gillis, Sales – Ford of Kirkland

“I had a great experience. I’ve been in sales for nearly six years now, and this was my first session with Michael. I will definitely be attending more!”
Alexander Tealer, Sales Consultant – Jaguar/Land Rover of Tacoma

“As a green pea, this workshop and role plays really made me more confident in my abilities to make more car deals. If I didn’t come today I would still be struggling in the workplace.”
Baggio “Crush” Gomez, Sales Advisor – Ford of Kirkland

“I am brand new to auto sales and this class was greatly needed. I learned a lot and I hope to apply everything I learned to my career! Thank you very much!”
Terry Beck, Sales – Infiniti of Tacoma

“No comments about the workshop itself, and Michael Hargrove is AWESOME!”
Kenny Carmichael, Automotive Customer Car Associate – Titus Will Toyota

“This was an exciting day with tons of perfect information that will definitely guide me in the right direction.”
Biniamin Tsegay, Sales Consultant – Sandberg Volvo Cars

“Always a great way to learn new things in the automotive field and to refocus.”
James Teufel, Internet Sales – Ford of Kirkland

“Very timely and appropriate information. Hands on and practical workshop.”
Chris Busik, Sales Manager – Ford/Hyundai of Kirkland

“Great insight! And a great class too!”
Lyle Jenness, Salesman – Lexus of Tacoma at Fife

“(This workshop was a) great help and much appreciated. Not only the brand new information, but the refresher too!”
Michael Sylvan, Sales & Leasing – Ford of Kirkland