Attendee Comments – February ’19 – Fresno

“An amazing trainer! I will definitely be coming back!
Garen Arayan, Salesman, Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“Definitely a day very well spent! There is so much information out there! It felt great to charge my batteries and get back to selling more efficiently!”
Oscar Leon, Sales Representative, Epic RV Liquidators

“Less time for workshop, started losing interest after 4.5 hours.”

“Just a bit hard to hear or clarify some things. A missing word here and there makes a difference in understanding a concept. Or maybe my hearing is worse than I thought! I wish it was an hour and a half longer!”
Kurt Phillips, Salesman – Clawson Motorsports

“Very educational! Michael’s knowledge is on point. He is focused, and uses all of his knowledge to answer every single question asked.”
Jose Zavala, Sales – Swanson Fahrney Ford

“Great information. Michael is very enthusiastic.”
Juan Mendoza, Closer – Fahrney Automotive Group

Mauricio Chavez, Sales – Fahrney Automotive Group

“He introduced tons of new ways to interact with customers to create a sale.”
Jared Tuck, Salesman – Epic RV

“Good experience!”
Rodrigo Peral, Salesman – Merced Toyota

“I love to hear a true professional tell me how it’s done (great customer service)!”
Ramon Arambula, Sales – Epic RV Liquidators

David Cantu, Product Specialist – Fahrney Automotive Group

“This was great! I believe this class will help me create my own business at Honda North!”
Jake Saylor, Sales Consultant – Honda North