Attendee Comments – December 2015 – Portland


“Great experience that I look forward to putting into the everyday practices.”
Austin Manning, Sales Consultant – Mercedes Benz of Portland

“This was a good workshop. Thank you.”
Keith Diffenderffer, Salesperson – Mercedes Benz of Portland

“It was a great learning experience and well worth the money. I am excited to utilize this service for the next year, at least.”
Nick Gunderson, Sales Consultant – Mercedes Benz of Portland

“I’m fairly new to the sales industry. This training given me a whole new meaning of sales approach. I like the interaction part. This experience was great. I would love to learn more from Michael and have him as a coach.”
Vantha Meas, Sales – Dick Hannah Honda

“Very worthwhile! Thanks!”
Bob Snyder, Sales – Dick Hannah Kia

“I learned a great deal of techniques that I will use immediately and know that i’ll make more car deals because of them.”
Larry Llorente, Sales and Leasing – Dick Hannah VW

“Amazing! I’m very excited to work for YEARS to come with Michael.”
Nicholas Blystone, Sales – Dick Hannah VW Vancouver

“It was great. Thank you for sharing. I will see you again. Thanks.”
Tom Hurley, Sales Consultant – Alan Webb Nissan

“Very effective, to the point bringing Bringing the human personality and how to deal with people is the greatest thing I have seen to enter the auto industry.”
Tanya Wagner, Sales- Ron Tonkin Honda