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101 Ways To Overcome The Most Common Objections (in the Car Biz)


What if a 30% improvement in write ups in 30 days or less was actually possible?

Over the past two decades, Michael Hargrove has had the unique opportunity of being the lead facilitator for advanced sales workshops conducted all across North America and attended by thousands of top performing sales people.

These workshops, having been marketed as advanced, have been filled primarily with experienced sales professionals who still read books on sales, attend training events, listen to or watch programs on selling, and continue to grow and evolve their craft.

Michael says, “The great thing about working with sales people like these is that they generally are not threatened by someone else’s success. Therefore, they’re usually willing to share their ideas and tools with someone else. It’s during these workshops that these pros eagerly exchange word tracks and strategies with each other.”

Over the years Michael has been exposed to hundreds of outstanding techniques and strategies that are being put to use everyday in markets all over the continent.

This book is a compilation of the very best of these word tracks.

You’ll also explore in detail what objections truly are, the three different types of objections and how to effectively overcome each one, and how to personalize, internalize, and anchor techniques to quickly and easily put these powerful tools to use to keep the transaction moving forward.


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