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August 2021


This Month’s Selling Principle:

Identifying Our Life’s Priorities


“If you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything!”
Jim Rohn

Unfortunately, most of the people we know fall into that group of souls who simply go from day to day, situation to situation, gladness todog-chasing-tail gladness, crisis to crisis, reacting to whatever is thrown in front of them. They never really think about what they want, what they believe, and what they stand for. They sort of live their lives in a fog, neither overjoyed nor miserable, devoid of any real passion, simply asleep at the wheel.

Furthermore, I have found that two of the most common causes for otherwise talented, energetic, driven, goal-oriented people to consistently fail to reach a particular goal are either 1) that particular goal was someone else’s goal for them or 2) it was in conflict with one of their life’s priorities to begin with.

When we set goals without first establishing our life’s priorities, we unwittingly set ourselves up for the likelihood of us experiencing a frustrating series of subconscious self-sabotage, or worse yet, we achieve the goal and are miserable because of it!

So, I thought I’d revisit the Life’s Priorities exercise from our workshop entitled: Make A Decision: Goal Setting Simplified. The link to the applicable worksheets will follow at the end of this short article, but first let me give you some quick instructions.

First, we need to list out everything that’s important to us in our lives. Initially, we need to avoid one word answers (peace, love, health, success, etc.) and we need to be specific and detailed. Once we have exhausted our list, we need to put it down, get up, and walk around for a minute or two, just to get our blood flowing and to clear our minds.

Next, we need to create a second list by reducing these priorities onto one word for each. This may require us to combine some or even eliminate some of them. The only definition that is relevant here is our own personal definition of each of these words. We simply need to create a second list of our life’s priorities that is easier to assimilate. Once we have completed this part, we need to again put it down, get up, and walk around for a minute or two, because here comes the hardest part.

Now, based on the following; our definitions, values, beliefs, and rules associated with each of these priorities, we need to put them in their order of importance. Based on our definitions, values, beliefs, and rules, we need to decide which of these priorities is number one, number two, number three, etc. We need to ask ourselves what resources (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) we are willing to compromise in our achievement of the first priority to get to the second. What resources we are willing to compromise in our achievement of the first and second priority to get to the third, and so on.

This exercise takes anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes (sometimes more) to complete, and it requires us to find a quiet place with no interruptions to complete it. Afterwards, we need to take a few minutes to really assimilate these new found priorities of ours by attempting to memorize them. We need to attempt to memorize our list of priorities one day, three days, ten days, thirty days, and ninety days after completing this exercise. This is not an easy assignment but certainly a worthy one.

The benefits of completing this exercise are many. One of the most obvious is that all of our decisions (major and minor) become infinitely easier to make. When we come to a fork in the road of life, we simply have to choose the path that is in harmony with our life’s priorities. And because so many of these decisions are made on a subconscious level, internalizing our life’s priorities list is key.

Another benefit is the depth of character this exercise fosters (an explanation of this follows). One more is that we’ll now have a “things to do” list for our lives. Pretty neat, huh? Bottom line…our deepest sense of happiness and accomplishment comes from consistently acting on our values.

One other advantage, perhaps not so obvious, is that we now have a much better chance to really listen to another’s point of view without fear or prejudice. They may talk to us for 20 minutes, and they may even be able to change our mind, but they can’t change fundamentally what we stand for. And that’s an extremely empowering place to operate from! This will help us to become better sons and daughters, better brothers and sisters, better spouses, better parents, better friends, and yes, even better sales people.

Our passion for life is in direct proportion to the depth of character we possess. Character is the security we have based on our integrity to our own value system Times of crisis do NOT build character… they simply expose it.

Life’s Priorities Worksheet Part 1
Life’s Priorities Worksheet Part 2

“By clarifying your goals and values you can literally get to the point where success chases you. You can attract the people, situations, and circumstances you need to achieve your goals.”
Robert Stuberg

So, until next time, be well, and do good work!
Michael D. Hargrove

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“The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after.”
Newton Baker



Objection of the Month: “Just give me your best price.”

These are just a few of the most common strategies shared at the workshops we’ve conducted all across North America and attended by thousands of the top sales people in our field. Please keep in mind that nothing works all the time, and no one thing will work for everybody. Each of these strategies, of course, need to be tailored to the individual user, to the specific customer, and the particular situation. Also, this is by no means the definitive work on overcoming this particular objection and it’s not intended to be.

a. “Of course you want the best price. Smart buyers always do. The price of any car varies, however, with each bit of equipment the car has. You’ve asked me a question that’s impossible to answer without first knowing a little more about what you want. Were you looking for a lot of power equipment this time or just basic transportation? You know, that’ll affect the price.”

b. “The best price is determined by the availability at the time we decide to do business. First let’s find just the right van for you, Jim, then we’ll work out the very best figures we can. Did you say that you wanted a light color or a dark color?”

c. “There are two parts to my job, Mr. Jones, the outside part and the inside part. The outside part is where I help you find just the right car for you (so you’re not paying for stuff you don’t need, or missing stuff you gotta have) and the inside part is where I help you and my manager reach an agreement on the numbers. I’m really good at both parts of my job. Will you give me the chance to prove that to you?”

d. “All final figures are determined by management and the customer. I’m the agent that first makes sure you get the car that best fits your needs and then works hard to get both you and the manager to agree on a figure. So, let’s first make sure this is the right car for you! Did you want an automatic or a five speed?”

e. “Sounds like you’re ready to do business! C’mon in, bring your checkbook and I’ll have you out in this car in about twenty minutes!” (Then we turn and walk towards the showroom. If our customer balks we say:) “You’re right. I am getting ahead of myself aren’t I? Did you want a two door or a four door?”

f. “Before we’re done, not only will we discuss price but we’ll also talk about down payments, monthly payments, interest rates and numbers on your trade-in. Okay? And I’m going to invite you to make your final decision on the numbers and the numbers alone. Not because I’m a nice guy (although I am), not because of the store’s reputation (although it’s outstanding) but only on the bottom line. Fair enough? Now tell me Ms. Customer, what do you like about your current car that you want to make sure you also get in your next one?”

g. “I appreciate your vote of confidence but I don’t think I’m a good enough salesperson to earn your business on price and price alone. So, let’s make sure we find the car that best meets all your needs too.”

h. “Let me surprise you with what we can do for you! Can you be a little patient?”

i. “Mr. Client, I won’t waste your time. If we can’t make the numbers work, I wouldn’t even expect you to do business with us. That’s fair isn’t it?”

j. “Let’s take all the time necessary to make a sound decision, okay? And remember Sir, you’re the one in control and no one can spend your money for you!”

k. “That’s the easy part of my job, adjusting numbers. We adjust numbers all day long. What I can’t adjust, however, is your taste. So first, let’s find just the right truck for you, then I’ll show you just how easy it is to do business with us. Fair enough?”


Next month’s objection will be: “Give me your best price but I’m not buying today.” We need YOUR input! Please forward your ideas on this one, or your suggestions on which objection to cover next, to [email protected].


“If you want to learn about fear, whatever it is you fear doing, that is the very next thing you need to do. Fear is not a wall; it’s just an emotion. Walk through the fear.”
John-Roger and Peter McWilliams

On Success:



Seeing Potential

by: Author Unknown, Old folktale

homeless giving-shoes1You will perhaps have heard this very old story illustrating the difference between a positive outlook or perspective and a negative outlook or perspective:

Many years ago two salesmen were sent by a British shoe manufacturer to Africa to investigate and report back on market potential.

The first salesman reported back, “There is no potential here – nobody wears shoes.”

The second salesman reported back, “There is massive potential here – nobody wears shoes.”

Right now may be a wonderful opportunity for you to take a quick “perspective check”. Are you looking for ways to improve or are you clinging onto the status quo? When presented a new strategy, a new technique, or a new sales/marketing activity, is the first thing you think or say related to how this new thing could work for you or do immediately think of why it wouldn’t work? That simple test could reveal to you an important reason why things are or aren’t improving for you.


The Heart Surgeon and the Mechanic

by: Author Unknown

A heart surgeon took his car to his local garage for a regular service, where he usually exchanged a little friendly banter with the owner, a skilled but not especially wealthy mechanic.

“So tell me,” says the mechanic, “I’ve been wondering about what we both do for a living, and how much more you get paid than me..”

“Yes?..” says the surgeon.

“Well look at this,” says the mechanic, as he worked on a big complicated engine, “I check how it’s running, open it up, fix the valves, and put it all back together so it works good as new.. We basically do the same job don’t we? And yet you are paid ten times what I am – how do you explain that?”

The surgeon thought for a moment, and smiling gently, replied, “Try doing all of that with the engine running.”


“How we use our mind is crucial to our finding and getting what we want out of life, and giving what we want to it.”
Alan Cohen

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Date(s): To Be Announced

Location: Shilo Inn Portland Airport
11707 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97220
Click here for more info on the 1 Day Sales Pro’s Workshop


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