by James Jones


My uncle says that life is full of challenges. That will never change so be ready, the next challenge is coming and when you accept that fact, the challenge will be easier to overcome. If you are happy with your life, truly happy, then you are successful. Success in my mind is measured by whether or not you feel joy, love, and whole as a person, not by your status or possessions.

I think most people are comfortable with their lives. I do not mean that they are or are not happy, sad, or even satisfied with the direction that their life is going. Feelings or emotions have very little to do with what I’m getting at. I’m talking about the same routine you follow week after week. It’s your life and you most likely tend to follow the path of least resistance.

Being comfortable is doing the same thing every day without honestly trying or taking risks. Get out of your comfort zone. Most people think “I try”, but what have you done different lately? Trying is not doing what you do because you have to. It’s doing something different because you can!

You can be happy with your life and and not be content (but your probably comfortable). Are you content? If your answer is yes then congratulations, you must have realized all your dreams. If your answer is no, I believe you and you probably dream big. Not being content doesn’t mean you’re unhappy it just means you want more out of life, you want to better yourself. If you want more out of life do something uncomfortable, different, out of your normal routine. TRY your best!

If you want change in your life, real change, you have to do something uncomfortable. How can you change tomorrow if you don’t change today? You can start small, try waking up early to walk, work out or even just to get things done. Later in the day you might feel less stress. Maybe read a book or just read something, take a risk. Whatever your dream is try doing something uncomfortable to accomplish your goals. If you can control yourself you can control your destiny.

If you like what I wrote try something new. If you don’t like what I wrote quit wasting your time reading this and go back to your routine. If you know me then you know I’m never content. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy because I am. It means I’m always hungry, famished actually. Life is a feast and I’m starving. This blog is something different and uncomfortable for me but the little things add up. Everyone needs a kick in the ass now and then, that’s why I wrote this as a reminder to myself not to get comfortable.


© 2007 by James Jones. All rights reserved. Used with permission from the author.

James Jones is an assistant sales manager at Lithia Mazda of Fresno.