Attendee Comments – Sept. ’12 – Portland

“Michael’s workshop is a profound insight into the psychology and behavior of sales. This was incredibly useful not only in determining what works but how and why it works.”
Duke Kimball, Sales Consultant – Ron Tonkin Chevrolet


“This is my second time around and I enjoy it each time. I love the interaction and to know that you have someone to help you throughout the year and not just a day. Money well spent!”
Ammie Jose, Internet Sales – Courtesy Ford


“This is the best workshop I’ve attended in eleven years. This contains all real stuff and no smoke.”
Jeremy Kumm Acura of Portland


“The focus was off target.”
Dan Uyematsu, Sales –Acura of Portland


“This offered great interaction. I love that it’s not stuffy and is very positive. I loved it!”
Betsy Anderson, Sales – Gresham Subaru


“This was filled with great information and was a great learning experience!”
Joshua Underwood, Sales Associate – Gresham Subaru


“Great ideas and was very positive! Now I have to walk the walk! Needs more stories!”
Paul Yauch, Sales Associate – Gresham Subaru


“I really enjoyed myself and look forward to coming back. There is lots of info that all levels of experience can take from this workshop.”
Kira Meskel, Sales Consultant – Larry H. Miller Honda Hillsboro


“Well worth the time and money. Michael is a great resource.”
Jamey Goodman, Sales Associate – Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan


“It was refreshing. I needed this.”
Dwight Dillon, Salesman – Ron Tonkin Chevy


“Yes, better train myself.”
Vincent Teng, Sales Rep. – Ron Tonkin Chevrolet


“I would love to work side by side with Hargrove for thirty days to pick his brain and learn from his mentoring”
Tracey Avery, Sales – Gresham Subaru


“I never yawned once and that’s a compliment from me. I was never bored. It was an effective use of PowerPoint. I hate it when people use it as a crutch.”
Adam Jackson, Sales – Gresham Subaru


“It was excellent. I learned a lot about closing and overcoming objections. (Getting) this new experience in the car business was awesome!”
Azhar Khan, Sales Consultant – Toyota of Gladstone


“I’ve been in this industry for over ten years. I’ve attended twice and I always pick up new stuff. Thank you.”
Khalil Abo Zeeter, Sales – Gresham Subaru


“Having been in the car business for only a month I learned a ton. But it was great how everyone was engaged.”
Bernardo Gomez, Motoring Advisor – Mini of Portland


“I really did not want to attend because I was missing my work day but then I was amazed how well worth it this was. If I could take one day off of the sales floor a month to be here I would. This would benefit me more than the day of lost ups. Thanks Mike.”
Brett Alan Hassebrock, Sales – Alan Webb Nissan


“This was awesome. My income will increase. I cannot wait for the one on one coaching.”
Terrence Pharr, Sales Consultant – Toyota of Gladstone


“This was an excellent experience! A must be involved workshop!”
Susan Muccigrosse, Sales – Gresham Subaru


“This was excellent, quick, concise, and provided clean techniques. They were easy to learn and easy to use.”
Brian Lux, Sales – Gresham Subaru


“I had a great time! I learned some useful techniques that I will be sure to employ in my daily life.”
William Thawley, Sales/Leasing consultant – Dick Hannah VW/Hyundai


“I’ve only been in sales for three months and after this seminar it feels like I’ve been in sales for three years. This has really helped my understanding of the car business.”
Roy Savage, Sales Consultant – Toyota of Gladstone


“This was better than Cardone. Mike wasn’t selling his books the entire time.”
Randal Mudica, Sales Consultant – Acura of Portland


“This was a very upbeat and informative workshop. The information was very useful and up to date. I’m excited to go back to work and apply my newly added skills and see the positive results.”
Andrea Brown, Internet Sales – Toyota of Gladstone


“I really appreciated the thoughtful, intelligent, and psychology oriented approach to the seminar instead of the standard ‘how to’ and ‘say it like this’ car sales training.”
Ken Buckwalter, Sales Consultant – Gresham Subaru


“This was the best training I’ve been to so far. Thank you, Michael Hargrove.”
Polina Senchilo, Sales – Acura of Portland


“A valuable use of my day off. I was skeptical at first but came through by the end.”
Doug Rokosz, Sales Consultant – Town and Country Honda Gladstone


“It was great!”


“Great job! This had lots of good information. I can see how this needs to be an annual thing to stay current.”
Alan Snyder, Retail Auto Sales – Mini of Portland


“This is my second time attending and I look forward to several more. The material and coaching offered is applicable to my career and learning it is fun!”
Anthony St. John, Internet Sales Manager – Courtesy Ford Lincoln


“Michael’s knowledge and experience is extremely effective. His use of examples and role playing put actual scenarios into perspective for future learning.”
Neil Greenwood, Sales Consultant – Ron Tonkin Chevrolet