Virtual Audio Coaching: Retail Automobile Sales: The Professional’s One Day Workshop


The following are the individual tracks (in MP3 format) of the audio program Retail Automobile Sales: The Professional’s One Day Workshop. To play these tracks, simply left click the desired link, and it will quickly queue up and begin streaming. You will continue to be forwarded the current password via e-mail for the duration of your subscription. We ask that you please respect our intellectual property copyright.


CD One
002-Steps to Change
003-Role Playing
004-First Impressions
005-Professional Greeting
006-The Magic Word
007-Determining Needs
008-Four Human Relations Basics
009-Active Listening (part 1)

CD Two
010-Active Listening (part 2)
011-Controlling Arguments
012-Pacing & Leading
013-Customer Temperaments
014-Neurolinguistic Programming (part 1)

CD Three
015-Neurolinguistic Programming (part 2)
016-What Objections Are
017-Why We Overcome Objections
018-The Bypass
019-How to Overcome Objections
020-Fallback Positions
021-Objection Word Tracks
022-How Much Is It?
023-Give Me Your Best Price
024-How Much Discount Can I Get?
025-What’s My Trade Worth?
026-What’s The Best Interest Rate?
027-I’m Just Looking
028-First Place We’ve Shopped
029-Don’t Have A Lot Of Time
030-I Need To Think/Sleep/Pray About It
031-I Can Get A Better Deal Elsewhere
032-The Price/Payment Is Too High
033-It’s Not The Right Color/Equipment
034-I Must Sell My Trade First
035-First Place We’ve Shopped (in the close)
036-I Need To Talk To Someone Else First
037-What Really Influences
038-Be Where We Are (part 1)

CD Four
039-Be Where We Are (part 2)
040-Make The Call
041-Using The Law Of Cause & Effect
042-Daily Work Plans
043-Dynamic Self-Talk
044-Controlling Our Focus
046-Emotional Anchoring
048-Diet Management
049-Don’t Abuse Alcohol Or Drugs
050-Smile In The Mirror
051-Sing In The Shower
052-Goal Setting
055-Continuos Learning
056-End Of Program
057-Wrap Up


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