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What we have in mind is an online community of professional salespeople and managers sharing their ideas, their tools, and their stories.

Michael, Scott, and everyone else here at BLU, Inc. will surf in from time to time, but mainly this is YOUR area. You can bounce ideas around, ask and give advice, or just “lurk” to see what everyone else is saying.If this is your first time in our Idea Exchange area, simply click on the link below to access our various Conference Rooms. Before you do, however, please take a minute and review the fine print below.

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The Fine Print: Our objective is to be very open to all opinions when moderating these discussions. We must, however, reserve the right to delete any and all postings that your moderator finds inappropriate.

Sadly, we must acknowledge that in addition to the vast majority of net users who are very nice folks, some of the people who can both type and get net access are: rude, crude, lewd, and sometimes even profoundly psychotic. It is the job of your moderator to protect this community from such behavior.

Therefore, as with all moderated lists on the net, your moderator has unquestioned, absolute control of what gets deleted from this discussion group. It is solely your moderator who decides what stays and what is deleted. Your moderator’s decisions are absolute, final, and not subject to appeal.

Your moderator may at his or her whim, deny access to anyone – especially people who repeatedly post items which are found by your moderator to be offensive. If you enjoy creating uproar, or if you simply enjoy observing such goings on; there are a lot of places where you can find such entertainments on the net… but not here.

The postings here are the sole ideas and opinions of the individual who made the posting. Bottom Line Underwriters, Inc. neither endorses these postings nor assumes any liability for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

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